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  5. "Old and cold"

"Old and cold"

Translation:Eski ve soğuk

March 24, 2015



Doesn't yaşlı also mean old?


Yes it does, for a person. Did it not accept it? "yaşlı ve soğuk" sounds a little odd to my ear, mostly because you use yaşlı to talk about people and normally DON'T use soğuk to talk about people (for a person it means unfriendly or distant rather than cold/low in temperature). Phrase mismatch. Still should probably be accepted if it wasn't.


Not accepted for me either. But it sounds reasonable for me - in Hebrew we have the same thing: זקן zaken means old, and used almost only for people, while ישן yashan also means old, but used for non human objects.


Yeah it did not accept it


I'm really confused with the pronounciation of soğuk!


Apparently they're having text-to-speech issues. ğ lengthens the vowel in front of it, and it should be more like "soh-uk."

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