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  5. "An apple and water"

"An apple and water"

Translation:Bir elma ve su

March 24, 2015



Bir elma bir su bir çay derken sayı olan biri kullanmayız bu İngilizcede de vardır.ama one sayı olan birdir birinci, bir dakika anlamında kullanılır bu ikiside İngilizcede geçerlidir


Hi! What does "Belirsiz harfitarif eğer sesli harfle başlayan bir kelimeden önce gelirse ses uyumu için 'a' yerine 'an' kullanılır." mean, please? This is what it says when I hover over the word "an". And I've got another question: When do you say "ve" for "or" and when "veya"? Thank you in advance!


It is not a sentence that you should pay attention, it's missing its translation, I am sure it will be corrected soon.

bir = a / an - ve = and - veya = or

hope that helps. have fun.


Thank you very much! Oh, I am sorry concerning "ve" and "veya", I should habe noticed that it meant "and" and "or".


You don't need to apologize Anakinra :). Your questions will help others later. We're here to learn.


I'm a little confused. A previous comment stated that Turkish had no articles. a / an are articles, no?


From what I understood, bir means one (1), in this case it's quantifying the apples. :)


I guess they are considered adjectives in Turkish...


Native speaker here In turkish there is no grammer like a/an or the. If there is one book you can say "kitap" and that is perfectly good


Why can't we say ( Bir elma ve bir su )


Because you can't count water. You can count weight or volume of water, but this example doesn't consists measurements. For example en English: "I need two water more" or "can you borrow for me one hundred waters" . ))))) As can you see my example shows how stupid sentences can be if you try to count uncountable things.


Cause bir means an

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