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  5. "Usted gana mucho dinero."

"Usted gana mucho dinero."

Translation:You earn a lot of money.

September 1, 2013



You earn much money - was marked as wrong. Is that really wrong?


I think "You earn much money" is correct English and a correct translation of the given Spanish phrase, however, I think it is an awkward translation, sort of at a baby-talk level of straight transliteration, and it makes sense to encourage us to use the slightly less literal and much more natural translation of "You earn a lot of money." I got it wrong, and I'm okay with that. I should not have taken the easy way out.


Grammatically, "much" and "many" are used in negatives and questions. "A lot of" can be used both in affirmative and negative sentences, as well as questions. What's more, much and many CAN be used in positive FORMAL sentences. So Duolingo should accept it as an option.


As a native speaker, I'd say it just sounds unnatural. "Much" can work with money in other sentences, but usually in conjunction with other words, e.g. That's Not Much money, I don't know How Much money, He earns So Much money, etc... but just by itself, 'much money' sounds wrong. There's probably a grammatical reason for this, but I don't know it. Use 'a lot of money'.


I agree, I'm a native British English speaker as well and would never say "You earn much money", it doesn't sound grammatically correct to me at all, even if it technically is. We would say "You earn a lot of money". Like dholman says, you would say "You don't earn much money, do you?" or "I don't have much money left" or "How much money is that going to cost?" etc.


Agreed that we wouldn't use this phase in American English either, but it seems like that is a result of stylistic choice only, and not some grammatical problem. For instance, 'much money' works in all your examples, as well as if the answer to this question itself were merely phrased as a question: "[Do] You earn much money?" would be perfectly acceptable here. Strange.


Hmm... Seems like when the sentence is in the negative, much is acceptable


You can say "a baby", you can also say "more babies", and therefore you can say "many babies"

You can't say "a money", you can't say "more moneys" either, and therefore you can't say "many money" - but "much money"


There is actually a rule for this, though it's not a hard and fast one. Some of the native English speakers in this thread intuited it without actually knowing it consciously. :) I had to look it up myself when my ESOL student had a question that I didn't know how to answer.

"Much" and "a lot of" are both used for uncountable nouns, but "much" is generally used for negative statements and questions. "Did you earn much money?" "You didn't earn much money." "A lot of" is preferred for positive statements like "You earned a lot of money."

"Many" and "a lot of" work similarly.


FULL DISCLOSURE: Native English speaker - US, Southern Appalachian dialect. Other uses of English may vary. Advice about Spanish should be taken with a grain of salt.


I think it is right. Native speakers these days tend to prefer "a lot" to "much" but there is no grammatical reason for it. And Duolingo shouldn't consider it wrong.


No, it is not wrong. I typed it too, and it told me I should say "you earn a lot money" - that is wrong!


I used the same translation.


ah, I had only remembered ganar as "to win"


I put win as well, was marked wrong.


Now "Win" is accepted


HMMMM I live in an area with Indian casinos - win would certainly seem to be correct!


you gain a lot of money


you make a lot of money was marked wrong previously in a multiple choice slide, but in this slide it is correct; you earn a lot of money is not even an option. Some consistency would be nice. Previous slide had both. I marked both. I was marked wrong for the sentence that is now the correct response a few slides later.....?


You gain a lot of money Was marked incorrect, whyyy


Are we learning English or Spanish? A literal translation should be accepted.


You earn a lot of money. You spend a lot of money. You win a lot of money. None are correct? "Much" or "a lot" isn't really the point I guess. What is correct for "Ganar"?


You win a lot of money in the lottery=Tú ganas mucho dinero en la lotería. You earn a lot of money in your job = tú ganas mucho dinero en tu trabajo.


You earn a lot of money--is correct and the accepted answer.


A previous translation for 'ganar' was 'to gain'. When translated 'you gain a lot of money' it was marked incorrect. Why?


i put "won alot of money" but was marked wrong


There are three reasons for that being wrong.

1) You have no subject in your English sentence.

2) Your English sentence is in past tense. The Spanish sentence is in present tense.

3) "Alot" is not a word. It should be "a lot" as two words. I remember which is correct with this cartoon image from Hyperbole and a Half: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_D_Z-D2tzi14/S8TTPQCPA6I/AAAAAAAACwA/ZHZH-Bi8OmI/s1600/ALOT2.png

FULL DISCLOSURE: Native English speaker - US, Southern Appalachian dialect. Other uses of English may vary. Advice about Spanish should be taken with a grain of salt.


what's wrong with "you gain.....


The issue I have with this is that the similar translation in this same section, "Tú gana mucho dinero," accepted "You earn much money" as a proper translation, whereas this one does not, when the only difference is the formal/informal 'you.' It's inconsistent.


why not using ganas ? = Tú ganas mucho dinero. Is it correct?


why is you win a lot of money wrong?


The faster and slower pronunciations sound different to me (well obviously) but it sounds like "gano" on the faster and "gano" on the slower. Is this just me?


Estoy de acuerdo absolutamente.


Why could it not be "You win a lot of money?" I answered that but it was marked incorrect.


Ganar= win or earn?


Oh, sorry. I guess ganar can mean either. I just prefer to win money.


It sounds like you "won" a lot of money. But gana is a spanish idiom for "make" or "earn".


Gana, win wrong


why does the correct version say. a lot money? Who ever says that? Either a lot of money or much money and anyway Collins dictionary, third edition, say mucho means a lot or much.


I thought ganar meant to win, ganarse meant to earn??


I think " earn " and " Gain" is the same.

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