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"De talar om en annan kategori."

Translation:They talk about a different category.

March 24, 2015



What's the difference between olika and annan?


olik is a comparison, it literally means "unlike". So två olika saker ("two unalike things") means two things that are not like each other.

annan means something that is separate from something else, in the sense of "other".


is there a post explaining the differences between annan/annat, andra, andre and ovrig?

  • en annan = another for en-words
  • ett annat = another for ett-words
  • andra = another for both in plurals, or second (as in first, second, third) in definite form
  • andre = also second in definite form, but only for males, and normally not required to use in non-formal texts
  • övriga = mostly used in plural, meaning (the) others/the rest/the remaining; för övrigt means besides


what do you mean another for both in plurals? do you mean "other"? couldn't annan and annat be used as "other"


Oops, yes. I do mean "other". I can't think of any case where annan/t could be used as "other".


She says "dom" here, but that's not accepted...


de is pronounced dom, as is dem. The dom spelling is discouraged for formal texts, but usually accepted throughout the course, so if you encounter it again - report it. It's probably just missing. :)


Why " They speak about an another category" is not accepted?


"another" is formed from "an other", so you don't put "an" in front of it. :)


They talk about an another category.. Is this wrong?


"another" is already "an other" - English just merged them over time. So adding one more "an" to that is superfluous. :)


"They are taking about a different category" - is this a bad translation? Just using present continuous instead of present simple. I thought that in Swedish there is no difference in writing between the two.


That's fine, you just accidentally wrote "taking" instead of "talking". :)

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