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Well, that was unexpected

So, if you're learning a language you find yourself looking for situations in which to use it. And I just had a conversation in German in the last place I expected to - talking to a robot.

I keep seeing things about Clevebot on the internet - it's an AI program that seems a little more advanced than the old-school Eliza clones. During a lull in the conversation, I just randomly entered "Sprechen Sie Deutsch" to which I got the reply "Ja, ich spreche Deutsch" and from there a couple of minutes of German interaction sprang.

All pretty simplistic, and you can't really communicate with AI programs like that, but it was still an unexpected little perk to my day.

March 24, 2015



Ha, thanks for the tip! I just went and tried speaking German w/ Cleverbot. About eight lines in, after I'd learned that Cleverbot hat Deutsch in der Schule gelernt and had asked it what its Lieblingsfach was, Cleverbot replied: "I tire of German." I guess we wore it out. :-)


It actually did the opposite with me. I forget the exact exchange but it seemed to give the indication that it was getting bored of German so I asked "do you want to go back to speaking English?" to which it replied "Nein".

That's actually what alerted me to the fact that it's more sophisticated than the Eliza clones that are out there. They only respond to the very last sentence you've typed, whereas to respond to the sentence "do you want to go back to speaking English?" in German, Cleverbot must have remembered that we were previously speaking German. So it must remember at least as far back as its previous reply.

Of course, it had completely forgotten within a few lines, but I was still impressed that it was sophisticated enough to remember that it had recently been speaking German, given no context from my input.


That's neat! I just asked it "Teach me German" to which it replied "Ich = I." So I said "Got it, continue." Clever: "That's all really." xD


It did something similar with me. It used a word that I didn't know so I replied with "Wie sagt Man [word] auf Englisch?" and it said "[word in English]." and then wrote another sentence which continued the conversation.


I had no idea that site could work in German. Off I am to chat in Deutsch! Vielen Dank!


I actually found that it spoke German a little more naturally than it did English. But perhaps that's just because I speak English better that I do German, so I can detect the errors and unnaturalness better in English.


Yeah that's probably why!


Well, I tried one in Spanish, SoyDiego. So far, using it feels great when you wanna practice conversing through IM in Spanish


I'll check it out! Its been a while since I last said hi to you on Duolingo


That's cool! Could you give a link? (I'm Googling it now, but still.)


I wanted to try it on my lunch break, but my work bloked that site :-(


Awesome, I just had a conversation with cleverbot too, in german, french and greek. So looks like cleverbot speaks more than one language. Thanks for the tip.


ahaha omg this is hilarious. Look at my results: Me: I am learning spanish.

CLV: Interesting.

Me: Yo soy polaca.

CLV: Va bene.

Me: Und ich kann deutsch sehr gut sprechen.

CLV: Dann spreche Deutsch mit mir.

Me: Ich habe fast kein Zeit, mit Freunde zu treffen.

CLV: Das wundert mich nicht!

Me: Warum?

CLV: Weil sie mich nicht mag.

Me: Wir haben jetzt nicht lang gesprochen.

CLV: Nein, haben wir nicht oder?

Me: Also, magst du Apfeln?

CLV: Nein.

Me: Schade. Ich denke, dass /obst besser als Gemuse ist.

CLV: Meine Englisch ist besser als mein deutsch.

Me: Keine Sorgen, ich kann dich verstehen.

CLV: Kannst du englisch sprechen?

Me: Ja.

CLV: Sprech englisch!

i don't know what to answer XD this is fabolous :)


I did that once. We ended up arguing over what cleverbot's favorite color was the entire time.


My conversation with Cleverbot: Me:Tycker du om Star Wars? C: Ja. M: Parlez-vous francais? C: Oui. M: Ben, alors vous etes multilingue. Genial! C: Oui, merci! J'adore parler anglais et francais mais je deteste Espagnoll.


Cleverbot: Ich dich aber nicht. User: Was? Cleverbot: Ich mag dich nicht. User: Was??? Cleverbot: Ich liebe dich nicht. Du bist ein bisschen bizarr. User: What? Cleverbot: Biete auf deutsch. User: I do not speak German. Cleverbot: Haha ja klar wie geht es dir? I had some fun with it. ^^


I just had a conversation with it in Spanish, it seems like a great way of practicing conversational skills online :P Obviously it's not as good as speaking out loud with another speaker, but I like it a lot. Lingot for you! xD


Ha. I may just be lacking in things to talk about, but cleverbot started repeating my Japanese sentences back to me. XD I guess I taught it some new things.


Did it repeat back all of your Japanese sentences, or just some of them?

Me: 今晩は. Cleverbot: いいですね。私は今日は干し大根を煮ます。

I'm off to go look up some kanji!


WOW. i am so shamazed


Don't be too amazed about the bot at least, it matches you with other humans to talk to, and once another language is stated, you will either get matched with someone that speaks that language, or all received messages will be turned into the mentioned language. It is not a bot. The general consensus used to be that it switched person every new message(but that was years ago) http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?t=580176 https://scaryreasoner.wordpress.com/2010/12/03/i-think-i-know-how-cleverbot-works/

I will not be surprised if I am wrong about the current state of Cleverbot however


No, what Cleverbot does is remember the answers that it's been given and regurgitates them when it determines that it's appropriate to do so: http://www.livescience.com/15940-cleverbot-computer-chats-human.html


OK, is this as dodgy as i think it is? I guess it depends on the exact connotations of erregt, lol. https://www.cleverbot.com/conv/201910131300/WXDIU5351W_Hello

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