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  5. "Onlar bir yumurta yerler."

"Onlar bir yumurta yerler."

Translation:They eat an egg.

March 24, 2015


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Earlier, I think I saw a sentence that used "yer" with "onlar". Does the plural suffix only get added to the verb if there's an object?


The addition of -ler is not dependent on an object. It's optional in either case. Proper grammar dictates that adding -ler/lar is only valid for humans doing an action but in every-day spoken Turkish it's usually omitted. It is also differentiated by a group of people doing something together as a group opposed to a group of people doing something individually. I hope this helps! :)


Which one means the group together and which one means separately?

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I think LadyNurington meant that -lar/ler can only be used when a group is doing something together, and not when they are each doing it individually. From my understanding, -lar/ler are not different suffixes, but different forms of the same suffix (depending on what vowel is in the previous syllable).


So am I right in thinking that this sentence, logically, means that they are all eating the same egg?


i have the same question


Yeah, I should have made that clearer. I meant, between "-r" (as in yer) and "-rlar" (yerlar), which means together and which means separately. Thanks for the input!


-ler/-lar depends on last vovel A, u, o, ı = lar E, i, ö, ü = ler For example: elma-lar, kedi-ler




-ler/-lar depends on last vovel A, u, o, ı = lar E, i, ö, ü = ler For example: elma-lar, kedi-ler

Çok güzel Türkçe grameri kızım.

Thank you


both of acceptable "onlar yer" and "onlar yerler".


If 'onlar' means people you can use both 'yer' and 'yerler'. But if 'onlar' is used to replace things you can only use 'yer'. But i'd like to warn you that 'yerler' is used highly common in daily speech although it is grammatically wrong.


Does it make sense that many people have to share one egg? :P Or is it because you haven't introduced plural yet?


the sentences do not need to make sense really, we are just teaching you words and how to build sentences, and yes especially in the beginning few words are taught and the number of logical sentences is limited


Hi guys, I am still a little confused. Correct me if I am wrong: 1. Onlar yer (without -ler) - they, indicate things - doing an action together. 2. Onlar yerler/yerlar - they, indicate human - doing the same action but separately. Many thanks.


Almost! Onlar yer is for separate action, while Onlar yerler is for join actions.


What does yerler mean? I thought it means places.


Yes, but it also means 'They eat.'.


One doesn‘t need the 3rd pers. pl. twice in a sentence, one is enough, either: „onlar bir yumurta yer“ or „o bir yumurta yerler“ or you even could omit the pers.pronoun „ bir yumurta yerler“. That‘s the beauty of the turkish language: short, sweet and totally precise! I love it!


If "bir" weren't speficified then instead of egg, it'd be eggs?


How would I emphasise the number? They eat ONE egg.


The way it's done in the sentence: bir yumurta.


they eat a egg, they eat one egg same difference right?


"Onlar bir yumurta yerler." Translation: They eat an egg.


They eat one egg.

Both correct answers accepted by Duo on the - (24/10/2019)

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