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"De broer schreef een brief aan de zus."

Translation:The brother wrote a letter to the sister.

3 years ago



The robot text is hardly understandable in my opinion. It's as if she's saying "De broers geven een brief aan de zus".

3 years ago


I hear the same thing.

3 years ago

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My computer must be special as here it says "De broer schreef een brief aan de zus".

3 years ago

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I also hear that. I can imagine you can also hear De broers geven brief aan de zus but that doesn't make sense, since een is missing to make it a complete sentence.

3 years ago

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When you hear it for the first time and without knowing what it is supposed to mean, you hear (...) geven een (...). I have some pretty good headphones and I had to relisten and think to figure it was schreef. The audio quality might not be the best for this one, or the recording itself might not be too good. :)

3 years ago

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Everyone now hears "Hide and Seek" by Imogen Heap.

2 years ago


let me add, for all that it's worth, that I heard "boer" on this one even after listening several times.

1 year ago


Is it just me or does this sentence make others think of a monk writing to a nun?

It is the use of the definite article that does it for me! It seems more natural to use possessives - Her brother wrote a letter to his sister - when referring to siblings....

1 day ago