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Do I (and most other Duolingo users) have a disadvantage with the Lingots?

Dear DL,

Do all of the lucky 25% of users get an advantage in the Lingots? Since those users already have them, they can get ahead of everybody else by starting to collect them. One of my sisters on DL has started earning them, and I'm kinda sad that I can't yet. Keep up the good work on everything! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Lingots!!! #DLrocks


September 1, 2013



Those users might not actually be so lucky. They're in the beta testing group, and that's not necessarily as wonderful as it might seem at first.

The Lingots haven't been demonstrated to be safe yet. Would you really want to try Lingots before their first trial? I'm not sure I would want to. Who knows - there could be a bug that destroys every Lingot user's account. Or they could just freeze up the users' systems so they can't continue learning. There are all kinds of things that could appear now that weren't discovered during the alpha tests.

Instead of feeling jealous, think about how safe your position is. Hundreds of other users are using Lingots, testing them for the rest of us. We don't have to use them until the Duolingo team has verified that "sie sind perfekt".

In the meantime, enjoy the old Duolingo while you still have it. Once the Lingots come, it just won't be the same any more.


Well, I do have Lingots and I must say, I't a nice idea, but they are not THAT of a big deal. I mean, I am happy when I get some for, like, finishing the lesson with 3 hearts, but it's more like "Yay, I did well!" and less "Yay, I now have enough for xyz!". For me Duolingo is still exactly the same. With a nice hat now, but still the same.


I don't have the Lingots yet but when I do get them I think I'm going to use them the same way. I might buy a streak freeze to be safe but I refuse to get the heart refill as I feel that's cheating. I think I will treat them like coins - as something show how much progress I've made.


Well, tbh the lingots so far aren't all too powerful; I seriously doubt that we get a noticable head start, so to speak.


On the contrary. When you get your first Lingots, you get 10 for every language you've reached level 3 in. So now is the time to start all these languages to get extra Lingots. You can easily overtake your sister this way:)


how many skills does it take to get to level 3, if it was say 3 (assuming you got no perfect lessons) you'd only be 3 up on every language


OH, I forgot about that! I guess I should try to get to level 3 in a few languages, then.


Lingots aren't as good as you think.

You don't earn a whole lot and you can't really spend them on anything. You can get an extra heart or freeze your streak, that's it. Refilling your heart might come in handy but they don't help you learn. Freezing your streak gives you a little time off Duolingo but you earn far too few Lingots to use it often. If you really wanted to continue your streak you could just go to the vocab and practice one word.

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