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  5. "Ördekler elma yer."

"Ördekler elma yer."

Translation:The ducks eat apples.

March 24, 2015


[deactivated user]

    Why apples and not an apple? Elma vs elmalar


    Because elma is in the nominative, the sentence isn't talking about a specific apple, but about the fact that generally speaking, ducks eat apples.

    The translation for "an apple", if I'm not mistaken, would be "Ördekler bir elma yer", to show that no specific apple, but only one, is meant instead.


    so if it was "the ducks eat an apple" it will always have the word "bir" in front of it?


    I think its a yes, "ördekler bir elma yer"

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    Is it just on my side, or is the audio seriously garbled?


    I don't have problems with audio


    Elma? Why is not - elmalar?


    Why not, "Ducks eat apples"? Where does "the" show up?


    "Ducks eat apples" is also possible and accepted as per June 28, 2018.


    I think you are right, but Turkish is ambiguous here. Both "ducks" and "The ducks" would be correct--one being a general statement and the other referring to a specific group of ducks. At least that's my understanding, but I hope a native speaker of Turkish would confirm.


    Which one is true yer or yerler ???????

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    Both. With a plural subject the verb may be made plural as well, but doesn't have to.


    In English it is perfectly acceptable to say that the ducks eat apple just as it is possible to say that they eat chocolate.


    Those are different. Chocolate as a substance is not countable. Apples are. We use normally use a plural on chocolate only when speaking of a box of chocolates and in that case we would say "the ducks eat chocolates" just as we say "the ducks eat apples".

    I'm Canadian, a native English speaker and sometime teacher of English and in my more than 70 years I have NEVER come across a situation in which "The ducks eat apple" sounds natural. I would have counted it as an error had it turned up in a student's composition.

    It may be acceptable in some regional dialects, but I suspect even there it would be rare. I would not expect a language learning program to include rare or local uses over standard everyday uses.


    Native English speaker, Brit/Canadian, former TEFLer too. It's fine. As another user explained, it becomes uncountable when you're referring to it as a substance rather than individual fruits. Eg, imagine if a baby was eating pureed apple as baby food. She's eating apple. Conversely, uncount nouns can become count when you're talking about varieties. Eg "there were many different breads - rye, sourdough, spelt."


    Türkçe öğrenmeye çalışaları zorlayacak bir durum; telafuz. Ben bile yavaş söylediğinde anlayabiliyorum bu kadını :D:D


    How come is Ördekler elma yer = The ducks eat apples shouldn't it be elmalar ?


    Do Turkish ducks eat a lot of apples?

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