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Improving My Conversational Spanish


Duolingo is pretty awesome, and has definitely been useful in my quest to master the Spanish language!


I would like to know if there are any programmes, websites etc that would help me improve my conversational Spanish, so i can actually converse in Spanish.

Thank You:)

September 1, 2013



there is lang-8 and memrise.


Haven't tried it but I found this one, as well: https://www.verbling.com/


Get a Spanish penpal. It's all I'm going to say :) You will improve all. Your reading and writing skills + your speaking skills if you'll exchange your Skype. You can also treat yourself with a little visit to Spain and try to speak with the Spanish people.

In my opinion no program or website can compete with a real conversation with a native Spanish speaker.

Also watch a lot of Spanish TV so you can get used to their natural speaking speed and accent. It's definitely helpful :) Good Luck


You can improve your conversational Spanish on www.lingq.com

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