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Salom- in Farsi -Shalom - in Hebrew Salam (wa aleikum) in Arabic

Does it also mean peace in Turkish ?


no, it only means hello in an informal way


Hey, I know this is not what you're specifically asking, but just so you know in Arabic it's actually "Salamu aleikum" as the phrase. The "wa" that you're hearing is a diacritic above the "m," not a separate word ("wa" in Arabic means "and"). Okie dokie, that's just my two cents.


so what is the formal way to say hello

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    Salam(سلام) in farsi not salom.In ancient times in arab countries they used salam when some body enters the city to prove that he or she is not enemy and to show peace so they used salam.and in farsi we say salamaty means healthiness comes from salam,and it is used in iran and arab countries.


    The greeting "Salam"(سلام) or "Shalom"(שלום) is not only to prove that you intend to peace; in ancient culture, especially the Israelite, Shalom meant not only peace or healthiness, it meant also full harmony and completeness. For instance, In the Jewish religious law - the Mishna - it said that it is forbidden to say "Shalom" in a dirty or stinky place like bathroom, since it is considered as one of the names of God.


    It is also one of the names of god in Islam, Assalam, "السلام"


    Assalam is not a name of god in Islam. It is just a way of greeting. As told by Muslim Prophet. In Pakistan, it is the most common way of greeting people. Assalam u Alalikum (means: peace be upon you) assalam (peace) alaikum (on you)


    You are right, that is one meaning, but it is also a name of God, have you ever heard the name Abdul salam?

    See verse 23 In Sorat Al-Hashr


    Very interesting, thank you and the other commenters for sharing!! İ love how there is a real sense community here on Duo. People like you really restore my faith in humanity! Peace.


    Muslim also prohibited to do that.


    Actually "Salaam" is Arabic and a loan word in Persian & Turkish, But it doesn't bring its meaning. In Arabic "Salaam" means peace but in Turkish & Persian it ONLY means "Hello".


    It depends how you want to transcript it. The 'Alef' in Farsi has a rather o sound like 'aw' while in Arabic it varies 'aa' and 'eh' and all shades in between according to region.


    Actually, it is pronounced "Salaam". Originally, it's an arabic word but it is quite common in Iran. No one says anything else when greeting people. "Dorood" is the persian equivalent but we don't use it much for greeting.


    In Tajikistan which is also a Persian speaking country but where they use the Cyrillic alphabet, the word is indeed transliterated as Salom, so both "aa" and "o" are correct. I am a native Persian speaker, too.


    That's cuz Tajik is a dialect of Persian.

    In salam/selam/salom/shalom, its the 2nd vowel that's stressed.

    In Persian, only the sound "a" in "ass" and a deeper "o"-like sound exist in a stressed state. The latter is why it's салом in Tajik. Similarly with Uzbek, which is a Turkic language influenced heavily by Persian. In Persian, the regular "ah" sound only exists when unstressed.


    Also just for reference, the pure persian word for hello is Dorood :)


    That's new too me. I feel like studying three languages simultaneous in this course. :)


    Haha! Actually most people do not know but turkish, persian, and arabic are not linguistically related at all. They only have geographical proximity due to the location of the speakers. Happy learning!! =D

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      Isn't peace "solh" in Persian?


      To clarify, "Selam" as used by Turkish speakers comes from the Arabic use of "Salaam" as a greeting. It's somewhat like the use of "Aloha" by English speakers.


      "Salaam" in Arabic means peace, Actually in Persian & Turkish it "only" means "Hello".


      Salam - in Azerbaijani (also Azerbaijani Turkish, Azərbaycan Türkcəsi or simply Türki).


      It's salam in farsi


      In Arabic yes ,it's definitely mean peace


      what is the difference between "merhaba" and "selam"? or I can use both whenever I want


      Merhaba is more formal than selam


      Teşekküler :)


      What is the difference between Merhaba and Selma?


      Nowadays, "Merhaba" is more formal than "Selam".


      Merhaba is said to respected person or someone you don't know but selam is said to your friends or your parents ...


      Salam is an arabic word which is used to greeting someone when you meet him you say "السلام عليكم" >>> "a-ssalamo alykom" . It's an arabic and islamic greeting . And also "a-ssalam" is one of 99 names of Allah >>> god in islam.


      Hebrew: ShALoM Turkish:SeLAM

      Arabic: MARHABAn Turkish: MeRHABA


      Actually, Merhaba comes from the Arabic word "Marhaba" "مرحبا" which literally means "you are wellcome". Salam سلام in Arabic means "peace", and in Islam it is used for greetings when saying "As-salamu Alaikum" translated literally "May peace be upon you". The word "Sulh" صلح is used in Arabic for Pacification, Magistrate, or "making peace". PS, Salam is used in other forms in other Semitic languages such as Hebrew שלום (shalom), Aramaic ܫܠܡܐ (shlamaa), Akkadian (Salmu), and others .


      It is hard to speak turkish


      salam like "سلام"


      My phone was slow to catch up with my typing so I retyped and ended up with an extra syllable, making the word incorrect. Is there a way to start a lesson over?


      Turkish language is very smilar to Arabic langage, so I liked it.. It is so nice..


      In my paper dictionary(2003year) it is wrote how selâm. I understand that few people write like that but it is bad that here it is wrong


      Because g-board advised me to write so. )


      Assalam is a name of allah


      Difference between selam and merhaba

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