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"They drink the soup and the beer."

Translation:Onlar çorbayı ve birayı içer.

March 24, 2015



Why içer and not içerler?


both are correct for the 3rd person plural (when you use the subject pronoun)


New information, Thanks


Thanks, that was my question, too


I içerim You içersin He she it içer We içeriz You içersiniz They içerler

Also you can use withot subject İçerim means I drink İcersin means you drink İçer means he/she/it drinks İçeriz means we drink İcersiniz you drink İçerler they drink

What is the different between the first you and the second you

The first you is only used for singular not a plural

The second you is used for plural But also used for the one to whom you respect him or her ( the old man or woman, your teacher, your boss...)

In some families in Turkey they say to their father and mother siz. For respect. Turks are very kind people...


Yeah they are so kind and respectful.. but I'm gonna add something on your information, they don't only say 'siz' for their father and mother they use it for anyone they just met who is older that them


What does bira maen?


It means beer just like birat in arabic


they are both right but if I am not mistaken, 'icerler' means they all drink but each on his own in contrast with 'icer'. affendim if I am being foolish


İcerler is correct In fact icer is wrong But is common used


Because içer is for one person and içerler is for more than one person


It is true. But in Turkey onlar icer is common used. It is not being accepted wrong...


Why do I need to use "Onlar"?


(as opposed to leaving it out)


I guess if you put the "ler" on "içer" for "içerler" it's fine to leave it out, as anywhere you have to have the information of plural. :)


weird. before you ate soup, now it's drink soup.


There is quite a controversy about this in both English and Turkish. Both are fine though, although it is much more common to "drink" soup in Turkish.


I see you on virtually every comment thread in Turkish. Thank you for your great help!!


The pronunciation of birayı is a little weird in this I think there's something wrong with it.


Why is the pronunciation of birayı sounding like bir ay = one month? Shouldn't it be bira yı?


Why is there a y and i in the end


I think since here the matter is the accusative case (as how the material called), where we learn the thing in English we called as "the".

We add "y" when the last alphabet is a vowel, like "bira" (ends with "a"), so we should add "y" to make it ends with consonant and so you can add the "i" for the accusative case. It would be different if it ends in consonant, such as "süt" (it already ends in consonant "t", it would be "sütü", we don't need to add any more "y".

As for "i" or "ı" in the end, as I've mentioned above, it indicates the accusative case "the" to say a specific thing, so if you say "birayı" it would means "the beer". If you only say "bira", it means only "beer" without "the".

This was what I read from the materials, I hope it helps and please do correct me if I made a mistake :)


Is çorba an umbrella term for all soups in Turkey, or does one specify the type of soup and then add the word çorba? For example, something like tavuk çorba for chicken soup?


As you said (one specify the type of soup and then add the word çorba )that is how it is used .


Çorba ı bira ı su u We must use y corbaYı biraYı suYu

Süt ü without y

Offf Turkish is very difficult Allah kolaylık versin...


This is wrong. It should be icersiniz not icer


Why limonu not limonyi


why yi for cobra and beer ?


In order to make accusative definite that means, you have a "definite" soup and beer, e.g. your soup and your beer and not a general one, you must put the ending "yi".

In English the difference is: "the soup" and "the beer" instead of "soup" or "beer".


Shouldn't be "Onlar çorbayı ve birayı içerler?" Because içer usually tells that the subject is he/she/it.


Why içer? I need understand please


Aslında tam doğru olanı icerler( exactly correct)

But in Turkish içer is used common

You must learn içerler


Birayı is pronounced like "bir ay", at least this is what I hear


For onlar we should use icerler.


I also think that the prononcation is wrong

I wish I can pronounce the birayı here Not difficult Birayı


"onlar çorba ve bira içerler" kabul edilmeli


Arkadaşlar mesela rusça öğrenmek istemiyorum nasıl silerim


When do we use Bunlar and when do we use Onlar? Both of them mean 'They' but it clearly does matter which one you use, since Duo often corrects me on this.


Birayı (voice is fail)


Why we say çorbayı and not çorbası


çorbayı is for accusative case for example, when you say:
I take the soup. -> çorbayı
opposed to:
The soup is boiling. (nominative case: çorba)

çorbası is possessive form:
his/her/its soup -> çorbası
(for example used for genetive case:
father's soup -> babanın çorbası


Why içersiniz not right with onlar??


"içersiniz" is the plural form of you.
"onlar" stands for they.

siz içersiniz = you drink (pl)
içerler / onlar içer = they drink


When does corba becomes corbayi?


çorbayı is for accusative case for example, when you say:
I take the soup. -> çorbayı

opposed to:

The soup is boiling. (nominative case: çorba)
The second case when you do not take the -yi suffix is when (in English) there is no definite article (the / with acc. case) but an indefinite one (a/an) or not any article.


I used içerler with out subject but Dou didnt accept. Why ?


Why not "çorbayı ve birayı içer" ? Or do we need to add the plural on içer to precise who ?


Onlar çorbayı ve birayı içerler should be the right solution.


Why can't I say "çorba ve bira içerler" they ate both right?


I don't have the letter i that excite in the end of çorbayi so he insist to make it fulse


The ı gives "soup" the article "the". E.g. without the "ı" your sentence would mean "I drink soup" instead of "I drink THE soup".


If you have no any other spelling mistakes in your answer, it will be considered as a typo and it won't be marked as false... To get the "ı" letter you have to long press the "i" letter on your touch keyboard and hover over the "ı" then leave your finger and you're done

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