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  5. "Şu kitaplar"

"Şu kitaplar"

Translation:Those books

March 24, 2015



Why cant this be "Those are books?"


"Those are books": Şunlar kitap/Şunlar kitaptır


Is that second form another plural? How is kitaptir (please ignore the dot) different from kitaplar?


The "-tır" is actually the optional suffix for 3rd person singular. (He/she/it is).

So why is it singular? I think that Turkish avoids the plural if at all possible. E.g., "two books" is "iki kitap". There's no plural ending to the noun, because the number already establishes that we're talking about more than one. Same here with "şunlar", which makes it clear we're talking about more than one.

It can be quite counter-intuitive, especially because in other cases (e.g., when using the possessives) matching the suffixes is very important.


I can now see why early Hungarian scholars thought their Uralic languages and the Turkic languages were related, since in this, as in so many other grammatical features, they are similar. Essentially, Hungarian avoids the plural wherever it is not needed for clarity, as after numbers (két könyv, rather than két könyvek).


Turkish does that, too! Weird …

And they also both have some form of vowel harmony.


If 'o' can also mean 'those', would "O kitaplar" work in this case for this translation? In another sentence, "Ben o balıkları yerim" translated to "I eat those fish." If so, what would be the difference between the two words for "those"?


Yes, for translational purposes they are synonyms. In usage one would use 'şu' while pointing towards the object and use 'o' while talking about the object in general.

For example one can point to the fish and ask someone 'Su baliklari yer misin?', and the person replying would look at the person who asked the question and reply 'Evet, o baliklari yerim'.


Şu kitaplar = Those books
Şunlar kitaplar = Those are books?


yes although for the second one it is better to say "şunlar kitap"

şunlar kitaplar is more like "those are the books"


Why "these books" is not right? Doesn't "şu" means "this"?


What is the rule please ?? İf the word eads with a like"akşam" how do we trensforme it to plurel and if the word eands with e how do we trensforme it?? İ am confused

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