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  5. "Manche erkennen es nicht."

"Manche erkennen es nicht."

Translation:Some do not recognize it.

September 2, 2013



Manche is some, not many. I always mess that up.

Ah English interference, how I love you.


Yeah, especially here, since it's two ways:

Manche -> looks like it shares a root with "many", means "few"

Viele -> looks like it shares a root with "few", means "many"


"Few don't recognize it" ??? Maybe they meant "A few don't recognize it"


In English, they have slightly different meanings.

"Few don't recognize it." is a round-about way of saying "Many/most recognize it." Its tone is a little sarcastic, as if you're implying to whomever you're talking to that you cannot believe that it is not recognized.

On the other hand, "A few don't recognize it." implies that out of a sample of individuals, a certain, small number of those people are unable to recognize it.

Do these differences also exist in German?


Some don't KNOW it - is it wrong?


kennen --> to know erkennen --> to recognize I think...


Few!? Warum nicht 'many', ich hab' Duden nachgeschlagen und 'many' stimmt! Ich bin es satt!


Would acknowledge not also be a valid translation?


Es tut mir Leid, glaub' nicht, denn erkennen meint auf Englisch als ,To Recognise' usw.


I'm not a native speaker neither in English nor German; I always confuse "Some don't.." and I write wrongly: "Some doesn't.." . Correct one is "Some don't".


I believe 'realize' should also work.


What is the subject-verb-agreement of 'some' alone? Why it is 'some do'? I'm not a native speaker. Could somebody explain that why 'some' is plural in this context.


Is "Erkennen" a dative verb? Would I say "Manche erkennen (mir oder mich) nicht?


I answered with "Some do not see it". From looking at the definition of 'erkennen' this seems correct to me. Am I incorrect?


Why is it "erkennen" rather than "erkenne"? Are we treating "Manche" as though it's plural?


Yes, it is plural.


You need to separate out American and British english. 'ze' is completely unacceptable to any historically commonwealth country


The app should know that know is recognised as a synonyn for recognise.


They do not mean the same thing, though.

"This country does not recognize that country" is not the same as "This country does not know that country".

"I think I saw your father yesterday but I didn't recognize him at first" is not the same as "I think I saw your father yesterday but I didn't know him at first".

"I know the answer to the problem" is not the same as "I recognize the answer to the problem"

Similarly in German, kennen is not the same as erkennen.


that's very confusing as when one hovers over "erkennen" it has the word "know" there is the possible options


What's wrong with "Some do not realize it."?

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