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  5. "Mann, ich bin eine Flasche."


"Mann, ich bin eine Flasche."

December 17, 2012



This came up a couple of days ago too. Opinions seem to vary on this point, but I don't think slang or colloquialisms have any place here. There is plenty of time for that once you learn the rudiments of the language. Until then, it's just confusing. I personally think this sentence should be removed from the database, but I also think I'm in the minority on this.

Anyway, also see this thread for more on this sentence.



Yeah totally agree. Idioms, slang, etc... awesome but too early on!


I want to learn these idioms, but I want to first learn the language. Save them for later


Knowing idioms is important when translating, but they can be confusing on an early learning stage.


I got this question in level 5, Food and Drink section, so clearly the meaning is bottle and not 'loser'. As I had not yet been shown the word 'Flasche' it shows up yellow, so I click on it for the definition which says 'bottle' and 'wet'. If the word 'loser' is not set as a definition here then loser cannot be accepted as an answer!

Please correct this or give more instruction - unless people visit this discussion there is no way to know it's an idiom and it does not help with learning. I would love to learn slang but ONLY once I've grasped the proper meanings of the words (and in their correct sections e.g. Bottle makes sense in Food and Drink, but 'I am a loser' does not)


As stated above, having a subsection on idioms would be much more organised as opposed to throwing them in at random points. Having them is good, and I think critical, but it should be put in a place where they can be easily digested and understood.


Man, I lost my heart


I would like to learn more idioms. Let's keep them.


Agreed. These are important. Who cares when you learn them as long as you do? The entire language is confusing. Saying that we shouldn't be learning an aspect because it's confusing is almost the same as saying "I'm to lazy to learn." This entire conversation sounds like "sour grapes."


I agree with the majority here and say save these types of language nuances until later on, not in a basic section!


I don't understand how this sentence turns into: "man, I am a loser"


I don't think this should be included this early in the learning process, I just lost a heart for nothing :(


Yeah I agree, I wrote it as "man, I am a bottle"


I wrote that as well, and it accepted the answer.


I could be wrong, but this seems like an idiom; much like telling someone in English to "break a leg" (or possibly "egg on my face" in this instance). I could understand why some people might not want to include these early in the learning process, but perhaps if it were made clear that special phrases will be covered?


I agree completely


Funny sentence! but When & Where can I use it in the reality??? may be in the bed, when I get a German girlfriend? ;-)


I think it should definitely stay. Some people are learning the language but some people are here to revise and they would like to learn such phrases as well. Perhaps there should a be a note that "I am a loser" is an idiom or has a colloquial meaning.


I think it should stay but it should be in an "idioms" section. It makes no sense in Food and Drink, where the user has no reason to translate it into anything but "I am a bottle."


And it's correct! =) love this weird sentence. Language is a living thing and this one kept me awake.


I think it is confusing, but maybe later on, if there is not one already, have a lesson on slang and idioms. But just put a note on this question or others like it so that we know what it is.


Man, I am a bottle...


I too find it very confusing to learn slang expressions at this beginner level. I am more interested in learning German vocabulary as it is used in proper speech. I can learn the slang later, especially if it is commonly used.


I don't think it's confusing. It's obviously slang, and they fixed it so that you no longer lose a heart, so there's no longer a problem. "I am a loser" makes a lot more sense then "I am a bottle," so I'm just glad bottle wasn't the correct answer...


I laughed when I saw this.


Hey, at least I will never forget that word and its meaning... it's kinda funny hahaha


Who cares about loosing a heart, I learnt a word and had a laugh! I will remember both meanings of this word forever.


I think the important is to translate correctly from the audio and doesn't mind what that noun means...moreover, I have lernt an idiom..


The reason this sentence is here is to show you an example of how the word for bottle (Flasche) can take on another meaning/context. It also helps you avoid making a mistake, if one wanted to say "I have a bottle" and accidentally said "Ich bin" instead of "Ich habe", a German speaker might laugh at them and they wouldn't immediately understand.

I'm glad this example was in here (and it was close to the end for me) because I had to think twice about the sentence structure, and then I put the mouse over it... learn something new every day.


please remove expressions at early levels.


Isn't this food?


Please mark it as idiom somewhere or turn off the heart loss on it. Thanks!


I honestly find this funny... anyways xD


Is this somehow related to the English slang "you're all wet"? Since Flasche can also mean wet. Not that I've heard anyone use that slang since the mid 20th century...


I agree that it is important to learn slang but not in this level.


Since this is in food and drink, I'm considering it to be "Man, I am a bottle." It's funny. :P


That took me off guard! So bottle and loser..Flasche...hmm okay! Still weird to find it in the Food section. Maybe it's just a way of remembering the expression better. If you remember, Flasche can mean bottle as well as loser, or if it takes you by suprise you might learn it more easily?


I don't think that putting idioms in at this early stage is the bee's knees. This sentence ought to 23 skidoo. Putting in a section for idioms might just be the cat's pajamas, but only if it is regularly updated. Otherwise, the whole idea of idioms out to just chogie. Well, back to bookin'.


That is a beautiful... beautiful reply.


Well, it is kinda obvious I am a bottle doesn't make sense, so I just had to peek.

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