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"It is necessary that you do this."

Translation:Bunu senin yapman lazım.

March 24, 2015



Why isn't ''Bunu yapman şart'' accepted?


Report it, I think it should be accepted :)


In a previous sentence about letting your daughter go to Germany, someone explained that the 'Almanya'ya' has to go between the 'kizimin' and the 'gitmesi'. Why doesn't the same apply here? In other words, why doesn't it have to be 'senin bunu yapman'?


what are the personal suffixes for the yapmak gerund, or how to you arrive to yapman and not yapmani for example

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Why does 'bu' not remain in the normative state?


I think you mean the "nominative case." :)

It is a direct object of sorts of the gerund "yapmam." Another example would be "Kitabı okumam lazim" -- I need to read the book.

BUT: "Kitap okumam lazim" -- I need to read books/a book.

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