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How come I only get basic food questions when I try to strengthen skills?

Every time I try to use the 'strengthen skills' task, it only ever gives me questions from the food section. Not even difficult ones. Just "der Tee" or "die Orange" and other basic stuff over and over and over again. Food is only the 4th lesson, I just finished numbers, I want a variety of questions but it only asks me about food. The same goes for the word flash cards, I only ever get food words, never any of the tons of other words it says i need to review but never shows me. What gives?

March 24, 2015

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That happened to me when I first started using the "Strengthen Skills" button too. Try doing 3 to 5 strengthen skills a day and see if you don't start getting new stuff. That's what I do and I get things from a lesson I just finished to the first lessons in the tree and everywhere in between. It took a while but variety did creep in.

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