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Sitt vs Sin vs Sina for Swedish Possessives

In Swedish when do you know to use 'Sitt' or 'Sin'? Subce they both can mean his/her in a possessive sense of ownership. Also I've yet to come across 'Sina' in the Possessives section, but how does that one differ 'Sina' from 'Sin' and 'Sitt as well?

March 24, 2015



It depends on the genus of the noun.

en word: sin. En bil. Sin bil.

ett word: sitt. Ett hus. Sitt hus.

Plural: sina. Klockor. Sina klockor.


This is how I know it. I'm just a fellow learner, but I'll try to help :)

sitt is for ett(neuter) words, sin is for en(common) words, and sina is for plural


Ahh thank you both so much!! That simple tip makes possessives a breeze :) Also helps with my learning or ett and en words! Haha, can't thank you both enough.

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