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  5. "Goodbye, see you!"

"Goodbye, see you!"

Translation:Güle güle, görüşürüz!

March 24, 2015



Goodbye:Hoşçakal See you:Görüşürüz Bye bye:Güle Güle(meaning "go by laughing (smile) its like an idiom


goodbye and bye bye are synonyms; you cannot say one is hoşça kal and one is güle güle


Fair warning though: "bye bye" is children's language in (at least American) English. You will rarely hear a native English speaker say it unless they are talking to a small child. :) Almost everyone would just say "bye."


So would that mean that güle güle is only used with children in the Turkish language?

If not, what would be the different uses of hoşça kalın and güle güle?

Just a side note... in my experience, Americans do say "bye bye" among adults also, though less frequently. It is a more endearing form, and might be used after two people just had a more personal conversation for example, lıke among friends or family members.


Perhaps you have seen it by now, but I read the answer to this today on some of the discussion boards. Güle güle is used by the person staying while the other is said by the person who is leaving. There is more to the explanation, so I hope you do find some of those other boards.


I am trying to not rely on autocorrect anyway, but it keeps wanting to 'correct' this to Gül'e Gül'e? I mean autocorrect does, it's not an error on the website. Is that a name or an alternate spelling or...? I don't want to incorrectly correct autocorrect (I also didn't mean that to be a tongue twister but I don't know how else to explain 8-o)


Gül is a girls name meaning Rose, so Gül'e means "to Gül/Rose". Güle güle is not a mispelling.


Thanks! I figured Güle güle was correct, I just couldn't figure why autocorrect was so keen to "correct" it :D I will be firm with it ;)


No problem, don't be tempted by autocorrect's shenanigans! :)


Why not "Allah ısmarladık! Görüşürüz. "


May be)), you can say like this. Also this is using among adults more. By the way, if i did any wrong while i wrote, so i am so sorry. B


Because i am a turkish))


I just looooove the way this sentence is pronounced


Hoşçakal is a better way to see bye.Beside Güle güle


Everything still .d Xbox


Hi I am Kiki police officer what happen


Goodbye = hoşçakal (formal)

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