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  5. "Teşekkürler, nasılsınız?"

"Teşekkürler, nasılsınız?"

Translation:Thanks, how are you?

March 24, 2015


[deactivated user]

    What is the difference between nasilsin and nasilsiniz? Is it like formal and informal?


    Nasılsın=How are you? (informal, singular)

    Nasılsınız=How are you? (formal, plural)


    The suffix at the end "-ız" give the word plural form but if you use it for formality and you say it to a person, it doesn't have a plural meaning. If you say "nasılsınız?" to two individuals or more, then it has a plural meaning and doesn't have a formal meaning.


    that's why she wrote "formal,[comma] plural" :)


    Oh I got it wrong I'm sorry :) I thought it was like "informal and singular"


    no problem, maybe it was not clear for some others too and now it should be :)


    Is there a formal plural form?


    Nasılsınız is also formal when u are talking to more than one person


    Nasil=how Nasil+sin = how are you singular Nasil+siniz=how are you plural


    I see many people having trouble with how to pronounce the letter "ı,I" below, I'll write some english words sounds like "ı,I"

    Aggression (the letter "o" is like turkish "ı") and all words with "-ion" have the sound of the letter "ı" in that last "o"

    Legend (the second "e" sounds like Turkish "ı")

    Lesson (again, the letter "o" has "ı" sound.)

    Open (the letter "e" has that saound here)

    I think you got the idea.


    Wikipedia says close back unrounded vowel, so /ɯ/.


    Why in the world "tesekkurler" should be translated as "thanks" and not "thanks a lot"?


    Both are correct BUT the exact meaning of "tesekkurler" is "thanks",

    "tesekkur" = "thank" & "ler" = "s"


    Ok so doesn't it sound more polite than tesekkur ederim? There must be some difference in translations also (between tesekkurler and tesekkur ederim)


    Actually no difference! Its almost like "Thanks" and "Thank you", Both are the same. But yeah I see some comments here which declare that "tesekkur ederim" is more polite (or formal) than "tesekkurler". I would be also happy if a native can find us some differences?


    I am saying that "tesekkurler" is more polite than "tesekkur ederim" as affix"ler" means "many", "a lot". "Thank you" is "Sana tesekkur ederim" and the turkish for "thanks" as a spoken form is "sagol". At least, that is what I was taught at University. I agree, we need a native speaker withinh this matter.


    I'm a native speaker and I don't see a difference between "teşekkür ederim" and "teşekkürler." It's like the difference between "thank you" and "thanks." Sağol is more colloquial and sincere :D


    "tesekkur ederim" is just like "I do thank you", "tesekkurler" is just like "Thanks", & In our culture (in Middle East) this "I do", "ederim" & in Persian "beja miavaram", is more polite. But, "navixer" is right actually, really not so much difference, I personally think nowadays everybody is more happy with using shorter terms.


    Just one query, When I saw the word 'kalin' I saw 'in' used with 'kal' to make it formal. Can it be used also? Like 'NasIlsInIn'??


    The lesson is very good woooow teşekkürler . yes yes I do it


    Im having trouble saying nasılsınız any tips?


    It's not in the sentence but What is the meaning of (Şunlar) ?


    Shouldn't it be "nasılsın" because "teşekküler" isn't as formal as "teşekkür ederim"?


    I can say that "Teşekkürler, nasılsınız?" is a formal phrase. "Nasılsınız?" makes it formal actually. You can use "teşekkürler" and "teşekkür ederim" in both formal and informal ways. There is no distinction. So you can also say "Teşekkür ederim, nasılsınız?"


    "Teşekküler" can totally be used with "siz" :)


    This is not word "you" for the frases "How are you"...only "am"!!!


    You are dont put ,you, and a i can choice him and you tell me is false


    How are you diğil


    I want to ask ... How do you learn new word in this app . I can not know the right enswer because I did not know the new word


    you can learn them by moving the cursor below each underlined words


    What is the difference between nasilsiniz and nasilsiniz then why are you considering my answer wrong

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