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"El dirigente"

Translation:The leader

December 17, 2012



This is a new word and the options list manager as an option. Why is manager incorrect?


"The manager" is now accepted. Duolingo only uses the most common translations of the word, they will accept other options - you just have to bring it to their attention. You can do this by "reporting a problem" or sending a message.


What is the purpose of giving different options and then approving only one of them?


This is a good question and I think there are three answers:

  1. It would be too easy if all the options were right
  2. It encourages us to use other sources to translate the word
  3. They are computer generated options and therefore are not "checked" or "maintained" by humans.

If you believe another option should be accepted, please report it or send a message to the duolingo staff - and they will correct it (if it needs correcting).


i think director should be accepted as well.


you guys really need to improve on this section, it's a very long section and there are quite a few of these things that don't really make sense... what's a leader, anyways? that's not really a job/occupation whereas a manager is...


Seems like a political occupation. Odd, but in Latin America it makes sense.


In this case (especially Castro) the used wiord is lider. ;-)


Absolutely agree. I've just run through several multiple-answer problems like this. I reported this and the others as mistakes.


"The lead" does not sound like good option to me. I marked down "leader" and got scored "incorrect" because I didn't put down " the lead" as another correct option. Normally in British English, you would have " the lead x" rather than just " the lead".


I agree that "the leader" should be accepted.


I think they want us to use the other button for this. Yes, I think "manager" should be fine too and will mark it as such.


I agree with the general trend of this thread, but actually, I don't much mind helping them tune things - it is free, within the context of "we pay by translating", after all.


shouldn't director be an option????


Another odd scenario here is the it says "oops you missed a valid option" and it wanted me to check "leader" AND "lead" for "El dirigente". Since we are talking about occupations here, I'm not sure that I understand how "The lead" is an appropriate answer. Correct me if I'm missing something.


I read "The lead" as the periodic element Pb (as in lead pen). I recommend removing this ambiguity, and including a few of the suggestions here.


I think once again the dictionary has been revised with more definitions added, but the solutions have not; consequently, a correct answer using one of the definitions is marked incorrect. Since Duolingo is so new, I guess we are beta testers.


Duolingo translates dirigente as manager, as wel as leader. So both must be correct.


There are often inconsistencies between two exercises using the same word. "Manager" most definitely was in the Duolingo dictionary of "el dirigente" in a previous exercise. It seems one dictionary is not attached to a word throughout exercises; subsequently there are solutions that are marked incorrect. "El conde" is another word with differing dictionaries. We are Duolingo's beta testers.


Same as trdillah's comment


Grr, I agree with comments left below.


Sorry, but you should be able to include director for this word.


Why is only one of your given definitions accepted?


I don't think that "lead" is the best English word here. (Then my knowledge of Spanish is negligible, so maybe I'm going out on a limb.) Lead is more like the first among equals rather than a step above like "leader" or "manager". Even "team lead" is usually one of the team that is in charge for a particular task but is not the boss.

This ("El dirigente") illustrates again why I so much dislike multiple choice questions where if you are wrong if you don't pick all the "correct" ones. Often one is more correct than another. Should you pick only the best or pick both? How far do you stretch it?


executive, leader should be correct answers no?

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