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"The south"

Translation:El sur

4 years ago



I typed "El sud" and it accepted it (but said it was a typo). Anyone explain the difference between sud and sur?

4 years ago


Sud is a regionalism from South America. i know of it but don't use it. To me it's sur.

4 years ago

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Sudamerica: certainly it is used by Mexicans.

4 years ago


Sud is a type of grass sur is south is Spanish

6 months ago


Sud is a type of grass

6 months ago

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Because it sounds like sur and you just had one mistake in your El sud.

4 months ago


In a question prior to this one, I typed "el sur" and it was marked incorrect, with the correct solution given as "la sur." Accordingly, in this question I typed "la sur," and the hint came up that "sur" is masculine. I think that this means that we DL users are being asked to report errors as the next step in our progress of learning the language. I had already started doing this when I know the answer. Hence, this post to let others know of my hypothesis.

En una pregunta antes de esto, escribí en la computadora "el" sur y se lo marcó como incorrecto, con la solución correcto dado como "la" sur. En consecuencia, en esta pregunta escribí "la" sur, y la pista llegó que "sur" es masculino. Pienso que este significa que nosotros, los usuarios de DL, se están pidiendo que nosotros reportamos los errores como el paso próximo de nuestra progresa de aprenderlo la lengua. Ya he empesado a hacer esto cuándo sé la respuesta. Así, este post para que otros vean mi hipótesis.

10 months ago

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Directions are always masculine as far as I know. So, "la sur" must have been an error.

2 months ago