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  5. "I eat the fruit and the egg."

"I eat the fruit and the egg."

Translation:Ben meyveyi ve yumurtayı yerim.

March 24, 2015



Ben meyve ile yumurtayı yerim. Ben meyveyi ve yumurtayı yerim.

could someone explain the difference in details?


ile and ve both mean "and." However, ile implies a much more closely associated relationship, two things you are treating like a set, and this often has grammatical consequences.

So these things are getting parsed in two different ways:

Ben [meyve ile yumurta]-yı yerim. = I eat the fruit and eggs--like you're choosing the fresh fruit and egg breakfast platter at Waffle Evi, or whenever you eat your eggs you eat them with fruit on the side. Since they are a unit, they only need one case ending at the end of the phrase.

Ben [meyve]-yi ve [yumurta]-yı yerim = I eat the fruit and the eggs. "Ve" can never treat things as close unit like "ile" can. It's like you're picking a couple things out from selections that don't necessarily have anything to do with each other. Since they are not a unit, they each take the accusative case ending.


that was v helpful, thanks!

I hadn't even got as far as considering using ile instead of ve but this makes sense to me.

I nearly got this sentence right, had the case endings right... then forgot the actual verb headdesk


"ile" also means "ve" so both of them are correct


Why does 'meyveyi' have a dotted 'i' but yumurtayi has an undotted i?


a/ı - ı; e/i - i; o/u - u; ö/ü - ü yumurtAyı, meyvEyi


Because of the 4-way vowel harmony..

If the object's last vowel was :

a/ı....... add (y)ı

e/i....... add (y)i

o/u...... add (y)u

ö/ü...... add (y)ü


Because meyve ended with e .... and yumurta ended with a ...


Why can I not leave out 'ben' as the subject is already in 'yerim'?


Whu do we say yumurtayi with adding yi at the end .. and we don't say meyveyi ?


I did not understand the suffixe "i"


I dont know how to frame sentence in proper order


Why does it count "meyvayı' as a typo? It is a regular alternative form of "meyveyi", it is not a typo!

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