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Immersion Idea

I'm learning Portuguese right now. Articles/ webpages are submitted in Portuguese that are meant to be translated to English.

Could we submit English pages that we translate to Portuguese?

Perhaps we could have the option of checking off a box in the Immersion tab:

[] Portuguese to English

[] English to Portuguese

[] Both

(For all languages; not for just Portuguese, of course.)

September 2, 2013



That is a very cool idea, as I am learning German, I would love to translate English to German or Spanish to German, hope the Duo team takes a look at your post.


I'd also guess that translating from Spanish to German would have less errors than if you translated from Spanish, to English, and then to German.


Already possible. Try it.


We're allowed to do this?


How could you translate both 'from Port. to Eng ' and 'from Eng. to Port.' if the page you submit is written in one of the two languages... ?


You have to learn Eng. to port. and the immersion section has English to port. articles.


Yes but you'll no be able to make, for a same article (in eng. or in port.) to translate it both way. that was my point.


What I meant by this suggestion was that there aren't very many articles submitted in Portuguese to be translated to English. If we had the option of submitting articles in English to translate to Portuguese, we could have much more variety.

Articles would only be translated one way (English to Portuguese OR vice versa.)

In the Immersion section, we can check off either:

[] Needs to be translated

[] Needs to be checked

or both. This filters which articles show up for us. I'm suggesting that users are given the ability to filter between Portuguese to English, and English to Portuguese translations.

This, of course, applies to all other languages as well.


Oh, ok. I see what you meant.

Just add yourself all the pages you want to immersion.

For the 'both way' thing, it would be great. It could also be great that, if you translate from one foreign language to another one foreign language you could choose to split de points you earn between both language.


As of now, I don't think we can add English articles unless we're learning English from another language (Unless I'm mistaken).

We'll see where Immersion updates go, and hopefully we'll be able to see some of this soon.


Sorry, I answer here.
Well I'm learning english from french, so maybe I'm in a special case.

But whenever I add an english Wikipedia's (maybe special to Wikipedia's article too) article to immersion, it seems to automatically detect it and offers me all the other language as translation language even languages I'm not learning.

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