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Bonus points for those answers & translations that should be correct in the first place!?

Lets say you translate a sentence correctly in a regular lesson but the system tells that you are wrong. You 'report the problem' to the system stating that your answer should be accepted. Later an email comes indicating that you were in fact correct but... not a single bonus point was given that day. Then you stop bothering since it's frustrating getting a right answer marked as a wrong one and you don't get anything from reporting anyways. You stop reporting problems altogether or only doing so when you are in a good mood with duolingo. Wouldn't be neat to have some bonus points for those occasions? That would be a nice motivation for reporting answers and improving duolingo. This could also be done in translations: if your entry turns out to be the most voted or gets excellent marks you could get some points from it. As it is you get the points if your translation is just fair enough and it may be more and more common not getting dedicated translations for that reason. I think this incentives would be very convenient for the users and for duolingo. ;-) Best regards to all and happy learning.

December 17, 2012

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We'll look into doing this.

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