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My Duolingo is in Dutch!

My Duolingo account is now in Dutch and I cannot access the languages I was learning. This happened after I was informed on my mobile that the language I was learning (I just added Turkish on my laptop) was not available and now everything is f****d.

Sorry for posting this here but I cannot for the life of me find out how to contact a Duolingo help centre or reset my account to the previous settings.

March 24, 2015

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Ok I've already commented this but I'll say it again: If your Duolingo is in Dutch, or has randomly changed to any other language it should be in, just go to "Add a New Course" and add a course that you were taking previously. For example, I was taking French from English, Spanish from English, and Turkish from English before my Duolingo changed into Dutch. I went to "Add a New Course", I re-added the course "French from English", and everything reset itself perfectly. No lost progress. I recovered all three of my courses. Everything went back to normal. Just re-add one course that you were already taking, and you will be fine.


Same, I managed to change it back somehow but I'm not really sure how, and then it happened again! I'll let you know if I figure it out again


Ok I got it. Just go to add new courses, add one of the courses that you were previously taking and it will change everything back. You won't lose progress or anything.


I have the same problem but without adding a new language. I saw the "add a new course" solution but I don't know where it is, as everything is in dutch!


Go to the American flag circle and click "voeg een nieuwe cursus toe. Then click on "ik spreek: nederlands" in the upper right Scroll down the list and click "engels" and you should be presented with all the languages that can be learned from English. Find a language that you're currently studying, click it, and then click on "Wissel naar cursus"

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