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  5. "El barco no está en venta."

"El barco no está en venta."

Translation:The boat is not for sale.

September 2, 2013



"The ship is not on sale" and "The ship is not for sale" have 2 distinct meanings. Yet both are marked correct. Is this an error or does context determine the meaning?


Looks like this has been corrected. "The boat/ship is not on sale" was marked incorrect, 10/1/2016.


Looks like it hasn't. I just answered "… not on sale" and it was marked correct. I later felt like my answer shouldn't have been accepted, that's why I came here to see what others say.


"This ship is not on sale" is marked WRONG now. (June 11, 2018).


i'm a native spanish speaker and it is more common to hear "El barco está de venta" and if its "on sale" (cheap) you say "a venta"


Maybe it's something from your country 'cause I've never heard "de venta" or "a venta".


What country are you from?


josh.ramirez500 ... if you dont mind saying, it might be helpful to us all to know which Spanish speaking country you are from. Thanks


Wow, you have a 622 day streak on Duolingo! And you are learning 9 languages!


I'm committed :-)


Would "El barco no se vende" work?


Why is estar used here instead of ser? Is it because of the temporary state of being for sale?


It's because "estar + de venta" or "estar + en venta" are set phrases in Spanish.


When do you use "en venta" vs. "de venta"?


That's too bad. I've always wanted to buy a ship!


It could be on sale. It's a newly advertised lower price than be for. So it's on sale. Or vice versa, it's no longer on sale, however let us work with you to make a deal for you to buy it.


If you misspell the homophone, this could say "The boat is not for sail," which has a completely different meaning.


"The boat is not for sail" does not mean anything. I'm assuming you meant to spell the word 'sail' like this, in which case you need to say, 'The boat is not for sailing'.


How then would one say "on sale" in Spanish?


"The boat is not for sale. Esto fué lo que escribí y, " me dijo que no era correcto.


New twist! My answer of "The ship's not for sale" was marked incorrect. It shouldn't be considered incorrect, because a noun + "is" can be contracted to a noun + " 's ". For example: This discussion is not over yet = This discussion's not over yet.

This is not a frequently written sentence construction, and is not considered suitable for business or scholarly writing. However, it is standard conversational English wherever people elide their speech.


Can anyone give a translation for "The boat is not ON sale?" I'm speaking in the sense that the boat can be bought, but the price is not reduced.


The boat is not on sale Not accepted

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