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  5. "Kızların gazeteleri"

"Kızların gazeteleri"

Translation:The girls' newspapers

March 24, 2015



I wrote "the girls' newspapers," and it was accepted as correct -- but the site told me I should have written "the girls newspapers" (which I'm pretty sure, as a native speaker, is not grammatical English), and then suggested "The girls' newspapers" (i.e. exactly what I had written) as another possible translation. Am I missing something here?


Duolingo definitely struggles with pronunciation. If you ever get a warning about something with pronunciation, kindly disregard this as Duolingo having a hard time :)


It's not a problem with pronunciations, it's a problem with placement of the genitive apostrophe after the plural suffix in English. It's missing from the "correct" translation, and although Duo doesn't mark submissions with it as wrong, it thinks they have a typographical error--which isn't the case.


Yup, def a grammatical error with plural possessive apostrophe. Really weird to have to set that up incorrectly to be accepted :-/


Just to clear up the confusion, I believe that he meant to say "punctuation", not "pronunciation".


This seems to be a common theme in all Duolingo courses, that apostrophes at the beginnings and ends of words are ignored (so that quotes generally do not matter)


I think it is a programming error that does not register the plurals' s with the apostrophe at the end... Just like in English you wouldn't say "we eat the fish" but "we eat fish", but if you don't write "the" it is marked as wrong. I guess what they are trying to emphasize that in Turkish you do need the "the"...


Now "girls' " is not even an option. I will report it


The girls' newspapers


Was not accepted even though it is correct.


I am answering this question on the 25th of Sept 2018 and there is an error in the choices provided. There is no square with the apostrophe alone ['] or with [girls'] There is a square with [girls] and another with ['s]. This forces you to write girls's which is not correct English. And your answer gets marked as incorrect.


18th of August 2019 - it accepts “girls”+”newspapers” as correct, still no tile with “girls’” (possessive plural) or a single apostrophe


the newspaper of the girls must be accepted am i wrong


"The newspapers of the girls" seems okay and should be accepted, but since the -lAr suffix is repeated in the same sentence it really probably should be "the newspapers of the girls" and not singular newspaper.

If it were just one it would more likely be "Kızların gazetesi".


you are right thank you


Thats not really the way a native speaker would say it.


Would you offer a more natural expression please? Thanks!


So gazeteleri could mean newspapers (accusative) or newspapers (non accusative, 3rd person possessive). And in this context, it's clearly latter. Right?


Sorry for the late reply, but... Yes, that's correct! :-)

Because there is no verb, we know that this cannot be accusative case. And a genitive case ending is a big clue that we should look out for a possessive suffix somewhere else in the sentence. :-)


Could "kızların gazeteleri" in this context not also mean "your girls' newspapers"?


For "Your girls' newspapers" we need to add a possessive suffix on "kızlar" after the plural but BEFORE the genitive case suffix. This shows that the girls are both "possessed" (not in the creepy Exorcist way, haha) and "possessors":

"Senin kızlarının gazeteleri" or "Sizin kızlarınızın gazeteleri"

Note: If you're speaking informally (to "Sen"), the two suffixes are the same so just double up; but when using formal/plural ("Siz"), we can see that the order matters. :-)

Possessive & Genitive Tips and Notes


It reminds me of the serie turkich "içerde"


An apostrophe is missing in the question.

(How come I answered this question before and commented on it as well?!)


Kızların gazeteleri var is wrong?


Hi siakar... I am a student as well but I can say that 'var' is not necessary here to translate from the English phrase "the girls' newspapers". "Var" is often translated as "there are" or "there is" which is a different sentence. I know recently some experts have answered my questions and I hope they can give you a more complete answer!


SiaKar & drumwhacker

Good morning to you both.

"Kızların gazeteleri" Translation: The girls' newspapers

Kızların - Plural noun (genitive) case ending for "of the girls'."

Gazeteleri - (possessive) case suffix for the girls' newspapers.

"Var" - (adverb) There is no adverb in this Turkish question.

It is genitive/possessive suffixed.

Kızlar "-ın" (genitive) case suffix meaning "of the girls"


Gazete + "-ler" plural suffix + "-i" (possessive) suffix.

Kind regards to you both.


i understand it very late <3 thank you


the options you give cannot make the answer. You have girls and 's. If we use your given choices, it would be The girls's newspapers. Check it out. :)


It should be girls' rather than girls


It's not correct...


Hello Why the girls's newspapers isnt correct


This doesnt make sense


Then how do you differentiate between "your girl" and "girl's" as the former is ''Kizin'' and according to this example, the latter is ''Kizin'' too !??


What does "the" mean in English sentence here? The newspapers for girls or newspapers for the girls? I am even wonder which part of the Turkish sentence means "the". Can't it be girls' newspapers in general? Or newspapers for girls? "the" in English often confuses me.

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