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Android app appears to wipe account

I'm mainly learning EN->PT (Level 15), plus dabbling in some others. Today I tried a lesson of Turkish on my PC. I went on the android app and it said something like "Turkish is not available, would you like to learn something else while you are waiting?". Then it showed an enormous list of possible courses. It seemed none were selected, so I pressed "Done". Suddenly I was learning NL->EN and all my other courses had vanished.

Luckily I found this thread that explained how to switch the interface back to English and my original courses reappeared: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/4593363

I think there should be some warnings before the app switches your language like this and an easy way to go back.

March 24, 2015

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Ok, so my android app did it again, telling me that EN->TR was not available. So I looked closely at the list of courses. None were selected but NL->EN was the first one. So it seems it chooses that if you make no selection. There's no way to escape at that point, but if I restart the app it let's me do my EN->PT course. All a bit weird.

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