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  5. No flirting skills in Turkish?


No flirting skills in Turkish?

It's kinda sad. I guess I can say merhaba sen çok güzelsin.

March 24, 2015



We don't have a flirting skill but it doesn't mean there are no such sentences in the course :D


Quite promising :)


The "-(i)dik" lesson has one, but I will not tell you what it is, to give you an incentive to get there. But in "objects" is "Senin çarşafların ne renk?" really likely to be successful? I am curious to know so all you currently single people please report back here after you try it.


dude that's smooth. i want to flirt with my girlfriend in turkish and would love a flirting skill.


6) "We have two bonus skills. Neither of them are flirting. One teaches common phrases that you hear in Turkey on a daily basis. The other teaches a wider array of kinship terms." Said one of the contributors


Considering how creepy some of the sentences in the flirting skills come off, I personally am happy to stick with whatever flirtatious sentences have made their way into the course itself ;p


I could use some help with a bonus skill problem. I took the one with the kinship terms, but it's not showing anywhere, I can't find it on my tree. Does anyone know what happened?


it is strange that you could take it. That was probably a bug. Bonus skills have never been available, due to some technical problems that the devs have been trying to solve for a long time


People recently started reporting about that issue. The symptoms are similar; they purchase them but can't do the courses, nor they can get their lingots refunded. Some people see bonus skills in another language's lingot store. Hopefully we can interpret it as Duo team trying to enable that feature.


That is exactly what happened, I thought it was just my tree, since my lingots were gone. Well, I hope they can fix it soon, I'm eager to try that bonus.


My lingots are gone too and no bonus phrases in my trees, but I do have that skill about family members and its awesome.

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