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Lingots-Duolingo gaming vs academic, Q and Sugestion

I am making this discussion to get some input from the community on the gamer vs academic aspect of duolingo. I Love the new Lingots that were introduced two days ago and think most of the community does too. I have seen some mention that is does not help with learning. I think if it's not something that motivates you to do better then it won't help you learn the language. That being said if it stirs up motivation to do a lesson perfectly so that you can get a Lingot or devote yourself for a week to get double or nothing it is a great tool! It's not for everyone and you don't have to use it. I think it improves the learning and gamer aspect of duolingo at the same time.

I have a question though and I hope the team will chyme in on this I haven't yet had them post on one of my discussions lol. Never the less I was wondering when a certificate of completion would be available? Maybe thats the hatching thing I do not know. I seen another user mention this like a month ago and you said you were working on it which I know means you're working on it. That's my question about the academic side of duolingo. I also have a suggestion bare with me haha..

I think it would be cool to see a tab added to the user's profile that has all of their accomplishments in it. Kind of like an academic resume. In it they have how many words they know "well" which can be based on how many times you have seen the word like if they have seen it 1500 times you can bet they know it. It could have that persons highest day streak,the lessons they have learned,how many times they have revised each lesson,all the discussions they have commented on or made,all of the articles they have helped translate or have uploaded. Many other things that we as users spend hours trying to accomplish. Some of us on a daily basis. So thats what i think about Lingots,and that is a suggested feature that I have been thinking about for a couple weeks now. What do you think Duo community? Thank you in advance for reading this and giving feedback.

September 2, 2013



Yep, we're working on a certificate! It should be out in a few weeks.


Thanks for checking out this discussion Luis. Y'all are awesome I appreciate all the hard work y'all put into your website for the users, and how you continue to push the ability to learn languages more easily. I look forward to the certificate being released :D and also what ever is being released in october.


I agree with the new tab, DuoLingo could come up with a bunch of achievements for the learner to unlock. It's a proven concept (Xbox Live, Steam, .... all use it) that increases the user's motivation as well.

Basically any form of gamification will increase a player's motivation to do a task, even if it's something he isn't a huge fan fan. And since we're all on DL to actively learn a language, adding this might increase people's activity on the site even more.


Awards and achievements, I second that.


I think this a great idea to help motivate and increase productiveness. Duolingo, please look into this idea!


I kinda feel like Lingots devalue Duolingo. If Duo had a certificate, who would take it seriously? Employers would disregard it. It would be seen as just a game to them. I'm not interested in using Lingots. But if it helps others then that is cool. If it motivates people to learn that is good. Because that is what we are here to do, learn and have fun. I like the idea of achievements like on Xbox games though.


I'm not interested in Lingots either, but I agree that they will probably help other learners maintain interest (judging from the enthusiasm generated). I think a cerificate would be a valuable addition to Duolingo, but only if the vocabulary was expanded in each language, and also if there were some kind of comprehensive exam at the end of each of Duolingo's courses. I've supplemented Duolingo with other resources such as Babbel, as well as written materials, but it would still be nice to have some kind of objective assessment of what I have learned


Devaluation? That would mean than an employer had to go online himself to look at DL. We are the ones that form the opinions of our employers. We just have to convince them that gamification works better. And when I look at myself: I make my lessons more carefully when I know there is a prize for finishing without mistakes.


I agree with you. I doubt employers or schools would take any "proof" of your knowledge by DL seriously. Then again, DL wasn't made with this in mind I guess. If you're serious about learning a language that will also help you further with your career you can use DL as an aid but you'd need real classes as well (which will be easier on you since DL can push your progress faster).


I just think a certificate would be a nice addition to duolingo. I am by no means using only duolingo to learn german and will take the C1 fluency test for my German in fall of next year, at the Goethe Istitut in San Francisco, maybe even a class or two if I have the money. That being said I love duoling as a game but also would like to see an academic edge on the scope of things as would others.


Some schools actually use duolingo for teaching foreign language classes..


My local colleges require proof that a student has been learning a language for 2 years, or obtained knowledge levels usually associated with learning a language for 2 years, before allowing them to take a GCSE (the lowest academically-orientated qualification they offer). They only occasionally offer the vocational NOCN certificates that lead up to the GCSE, so unless a student gets lucky in a particular year, they're a bit stuck when it comes to proving they did do both years of learning (or learning the equivalent knowledge). I could see a Duolingo certificate being allowed as partial or full evidence of such a requirement. They can show learning happened, and that a student is self-motivated to learn.

I don't expect a Duolingo certificate on its own to substitute for a formal academic qualification, but it could well become an accessible way to enter such courses, especially in places where appropriate "beginner" and/or "not quite beginner" courses are difficult to come by.


I am a firm believer in the achievements/badges setup. Wonder if you set up a "Speedrun" badge how long it would take for someone to "Learn a Language" in 24hrs lol

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