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No tengo 'tildes'?

I don't have accents on my keyboard. Some guy marked my sentences wrong in Immersion then added accents.

No tengo 'tildes?' en mi teclado.

What do i do? Ayuda?

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If you have a Windows machine, you can add the US-International keyboard very easily. This lets you add accents to vowels or tildes to Ns with far fewer keystrokes. Go to the control panel then choose Region and Language, then choose the Keyboards and Languages tab. Add the US-International keyboard to your ENglish choices, then when you do that, a little keyboard icon appears in your sys tray. You now have the new keyboard available to you.

You can then click on the icon and switch to the new keyboard any time you want. Once you've done that then to type á é í ó ú simply type the apostrophe ' then the vowel, and they appear. To type ' by itself, type ' then a space. To type ñ simply type ~ then n. For ¡ you can hold down the Alt key on the right side of the keyboard and type 1. For the ¿ hold down the right-Alt and press ?. Finally, for ü you type the double quote " then the u. Other key combinations are available but those are the ones I use for Spanish. They're quick and quite simple to learn.

There are key combinations for French as well, with the accents that go the other direction, and the little curve under the C, and so on. The US-international keyboard is good for several languages. Hope this helps!

ETA: I got this information from wikipedia. "It can be used to type most major Western European languages: Afrikaans, Danish, Dutch, English, Faroese, Finnish, French, German, Icelandic, Irish, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Scottish Gaelic, Spanish, and Swedish. Some less common western European languages, such as Maltese and Welsh, are not fully supported by the US-International keyboard layout."

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this is very helpful, now all i need to do is get around to doing it. Thanks Tatiana.

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Your spanish is good.

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