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No progress because of decay-prevention

[deactivated user]

    I love Duolingo. But I do think the skill decay, at least in the French course, is a little too quick. In spite of the fact that I use it almost every day, there are usually somewhere between 1 and 4 lessons that have decayed and in those up to 6 (?) units need to be re-done. By the time I have done that, there is little time for new lessons. Maybe I am too perfectionist, but then again, repetition as such is useful - there just is too much of it in this case. Anyone else have the same problem?

    September 2, 2013



    The Gold status disappears because there are some words in the lesson that you need to practise again, but not all of them need the repetition yet. I you just redo that lesson, you practise all of the words inside, which takes longer. I you go to your vocabulary and practise weakest words you only get the ones that need repetition and you can "refill" several lessons in one go.

    I am using the "practise weakest words" most of the time now and I think it works better for doing everything in time.


    The lessons that you have to repeat, do you still know them by heart or do you make a lot of mistakes in them? That would be a good indicator whether the repetition is too much or just right. If you want to learn the language and not just complete a virtual tree, you have to make sure you have really learned the lessons.

    Do you sometimes use the "practice weakest words" button? I use it a lot, and so far I never lost the gold in any lesson. I mostly repeat, and just do some new lessons if I feel confident I have learned the previous lessons.


    Yes I also use the practice weakest words button and I have never lost the gold on my lessons. I normally practice weakest words two or three times a day and this seems to keep my lessons gold.


    You can also go to the vocab list for that particular skill and there's a button to practice the words from all of those lessons. It might be quicker than doing each lesson individually.

    [deactivated user]

      Thanks loads everybody! I will definitely try the practice-weakest-words approach, it does seem a lot simpler.

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