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  5. "Ya terminó la película."

"Ya terminó la película."

Translation:The film ended already.

December 17, 2012



Is there a reason this cannot be translated to " He already finished the movie" Since this form of terminar can apply to He/She/it or Usted? Thanks in advance for the help.


I wonder this, too.


I'm almost sure both are fine


In english "already" is almost exclusively used with present or past perfect tense. Hence, it should be "the film has already ended". It makes more sense, because the perfect tense is used to express the finished (perfected) state of something. Maybe in spanish it is different, but I don't clearly get what "ya terminó" means, since to my knowledge the tense "pretéritó indefinido" is used to express something in the more distant past, while this sentence does not have such a meaning, since "ya" refers to the more recent past. Even if "ya" can refer to the distant past, it should translate as "the film had already ended".


"The film ended already" rings in my ear like Jewish English from the Bronx - . Duolinquo should recognize the present perfect just as it's students do.


Syntax confusing very.


Very bad English grammar! The translation "The film has already ended" would be better


That, if translated into spanish would have to be something of the likes of "La película ha terminando".


If they want to avoid the perfect tense for teaching reasons say the film's already over.


Even better if you dropped that redundant "already". If it ended "already" should be understood by even the slowest among us.


My translation "the movie is already over" is correct, but was marked as incorrect by duolingo.


Surely this would sound strange to a Spanish speaker? They would always use the perfect tense with "ya" - you would be understood if you said it, but it would not be correct.


This is an example of American vs British English. American English uses the past simple ("did") tense in many cases where a British native speaker would use present perfect ("Have done") eg "Did you eat yet?" vs "have you eaten yet?" "Already" implies recent past to a Brit, so the present perfect would be correct for a Brit here, but Duo has chosen the American translation.


why can't it be "the film already finished"


Why is "the movie already ended" incorrect?


it is now accepted


Funky word order? Why isn't film in the beginning? I translated this as He finished the film already...


could another way of structuring the above sentence be "La pelicula termino ya"?


Is there a reason for the word order? I know we sometimes want to emphasize something but then the sentence is turned around in the translation. I am sure there is an explanation.


The literal fixed order translation sounds like Yoda: “Already ended, the film.”


for this English translation, wouldn't you say? Ya se terminó la película."?

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