"A woman is drinking water."

Translation:En kvinna dricker vatten.

March 24, 2015

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Can someone explain me the difference between kvinnan and kvinna? Thank you!:)


If you know how it works in English, kvinnan is the woman and en kvinna is a woman.
If you don't have this distinction in your native language, the general rule is that we use the definite form (kvinnan) when we know which one we are talking about.


Kvinna = woman Kvinnan = THE womam

The "n" signals the "the"


Kvinnan is in definitive form Kvinna is infinite form, I think so


The expression "en kvinna" is indefinite form meaning "a woman". An infinitive is a verb.


I grew up with a Swedish American immigrant, he spoke very broken swedish/english, so sometimes I accidentally make words that are both languages combined because that is how he spoke sometimes.


Why is it not 'En kvinna är dricker vatten'?


in Swedish there is no distinction between progressive and simple form of a verb. So dricker vatten could be translated to "drinks water" and "is drinking water".


So if kvinnan means the woman and kvinna means a woman, then why do you say jag är en kvinna, why use 'en' ? Should jag är kvinna not be enough? Or means kvinna just woman and not a woman?


"a woman" = "en kvinna"

"kvinnan" = "the woman"

"kvinna" = "woman" not "a woman" and it is not used that way

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