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Two innovative suggestions

1.) Cross-lingual vocabulary practice: Many users learn more than one language. I am currently learning everything based on English. If I could learn vocabulary in between the different languages I could make more mental bridges as well as saving time reviewing them.

2.) Adding words: I have finished the Spanish tree and feel the need of adding vocabulary. Maybe this could be linked to the immersion section that one highlights new vocabulary and adds it to the vocabulary to be reviewed.

I am enthusiastic about Duolingo and am deeply grateful for what the team around Luis is doing to advance intercultural communication on such a grand scale. Thank you very much.

September 2, 2013



Memrise is a good way to increase your vocabulary in any language. Check out their courses section: http://www.memrise.com/courses/english/spanish/


Totally agree. Just don't try to learn a language from scratch there. xD


This link doesn't seem to work for me. It says that the domain name expired today.


Yes it did they've just renewed it and it's slowly coming back on. Would give it a try tomorrow - actually a really good site when it's working.


Thank you for the suggestion - this looks like a useful site! Plus, they have a lot of other languages, including Russian.


Sadly the site and their mobile app are nowhere near as polished as DuoLingo's but hey, it works :)


Thanks a lot for the suggestion. It seems to be a great addition to what Duolingo offers. I myself just find it difficult to keep up the discipline and rigor to go to various sites a day. I would prefer that Duolingo improves and becomes my only destination for intermediate language learning.

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