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Student Login Difficulties

Bonjour all!

I hope it's alright to post this here, as I have a student who needs help with logging in. This past Sunday she tried to log into Duolingo as usual and was told that her password was wrong. This is a password that she knows is correct, but never-the-less decided to click 'forgot password' and make a new one.

She entered in her student email account, as that's the one she used to sign up for Duolingo. Upon checking her email account, she has been unable to find the reset password email in her inbox or spam...

She's contacted Duolingo support but they've only directed her to the same steps that she's already done... :/ I even had her come in after school yesterday and tried to troubleshoot with her, but the email still didn't show up in her email account... Does any one have any suggestions on how I can help my student unlock her account and reset her password?

My kids are expected to do 70 XP a week, so any help you guys can give asap would be lovely!

Merci! :D

March 24, 2015



I'm not a tech, but I hope something I write will help.

This has happened to a couple of people, but not all people. So, I'm not sure if it's something on Duolingo's end. One thing y'all can try is create an email filter so you can catch the email in a specially designated folder. I've made a guide with instructions for how to create the filter for yahoo and Gmail users. Many alternative email companies have similar steps though. Here is the Guide

If that doesn't work and the email is not in any other folders such as "social" "spam" or "trash". Check to make sure an auto-filter isn't set up. That deletes "junk mail" automatically and permanently. If still nothing, then until it's fixed, I recommend she make a new account and do a placement test to catch up to where she was in the course and will award her levels depending on how much she is able to recall. It will also generate points when she takes the test. Make sure she uses a real email account and enters it correctly so that if this happens again, she will be able to get that email. Duolingo will not ask to confirm whether the email she enters is correct or not. So she will need to be careful at that stage.

Good luck!


She can change her email of that account to a fake one like djaofmaofnaxnsi@gmail.com (it'll still work) and create a new account using their email address. Did she check his spam box?

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