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  5. "Bhí mé ar scoil leo."

"Bhí ar scoil leo."

Translation:I was at school with them.

March 24, 2015



I'm guessing "ar scoil" means attending school, but "ag scoil" just means physically there?


The NEID entry for “school” gives both bheith ar scoil and bheith ag an scoil for “to be at school”. The FGB entry for _ar_² I. 4. (a) defines ar scoil in terms of attendance, and the FGB entry for _ag_¹ 1. (a) defines ag an scoil in terms of position, so your guess was on the mark.


Is there a distinction between habitual and non-habitual (like bíonn and tá) in the past tense?


There is a distinction between the past tense and the habitual past tense ("used to" in English) for most verbs, not just .

bhínn ar scoil gach la - "I used to be at school every day"
Bhíodh sé anseo gach oíche - "He used to be here every night"
D'óladh sé beoir nuair a bhí sé ina chónaí sa Ghearmáin - "He used to drink beer when he lived in Germany"
Chabhraíodh sé liom ach ní chabhraíonn sé anois - "He used to help me but he does not help now"


I see, thank you :)

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