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  5. "Hindi örümceği yer."

"Hindi örümceği yer."

Translation:The turkey eats the spider.

March 24, 2015



I can finally talk about a Turkey in Turkey.


But apparently in Turkey, turkeys are Indian? I guess they are foreigners no matter where they go ... :-)


Indeed, even in Arabic they are called Roman roosters. I find it very amusing. xD


The roman in arabic probably refers to modern turkey as that area (and constantinople) was called "rum" by muslims. Mehmet ii also took the title "Kaiseri Rum" after he conquered constantinople. So in a way even in Arabic they are called turkeys, or more correctly, turkish cocks.


But what are they called in Hindi?


I am from India and Hindi is my native language ...it is really funny


And how you call the turkey(bird)?


Very useful. .. مفيد جدا شكرا لك


Same i have this question 2


We say "batakh" in hindi language in India


In our language hindi this bird called "Turkey" and in turkish this is called "Hindi" this is amusing


And in French they are dindon, which I believe means d'inde - from India!


In Hebrew they are called something which would translate into "Indian rooster", so also from India :)


Hello Reutmark! I I afford to add that Christophe Colomb was thinking that he has discover India when he accosted in South America, in 1492.....


Hi Mariane :) Yes, indeed he thought so.....but the turkey in Hebrew is named after India, with the Hebrew name we have for it (Hodu - from the bible, though I am not quite sure if it is exactly the same place).


Yes "dindon" for the male and "dinde" for femal : "le dindon" et "la dinde": "hindi" in turkish. From occidental india, which is Mexique for european, in South America.... But, in turkish, how do we distinguish the male and the femal turkey? Are ther two differnet words?


In Arabic they called Roman roosters... interesting


In Slovak it's called "moriak" from the word "more" = the sea :D


Nice! It sounds like that is quite like German Meerschweinchen, guinea pig, for things that come "from across the sea"?


Why putting The with turkey is important in this sentence. I think just Turkey eats the spider Should be correct too.


I think just Turkey eats the spider Should be correct too.

But that would mean that Turkey (the country) eats the spider and not that the turkey (the bird) eats the spider.

You can't use "turkey" (the animal) without a determiner before it in English -- it has to be "the turkey" or "a turkey" or "my turkey" or "that turkey" or something, but never simply "turkey".


In English it is turkey ,in turkish it is hindi . In hindi ?


Hate to disappoint, it's just "turkey" in Devanagari script.


I love the spider. Just trying to double check on the nominative I found something nice: do you know örümcek adam :)


الديك الرومي باللغة العربية اسمه في اللغة التركية hindi وفي اللغة الإنجليزية اسمه turkey


شكرا للتوضيح مكنتش فاهمه يعنى ايه هندى تركى دى


Oh thanx finally i find an explanation


Do turkeys even eat spiders??


It wouldn't surprise me, given that chickens eat beetles if they can find them.


LOL.. it was a bit confusing, I was wondering how could "hindi" means Turkey while turkey is not India, quiet tricky :))


ben Türküm ve Türkiye antalyada tatil için Otele gitmiştim. hindi yemeğinin üstünde "Turkey" yaziyordu. yani başharfi T büyük yazilinca TÜRKIYE anlamina gelir bilen bilir. garsonu çağırdım. dedim sen hindimisin? neden hindi etinin üstüne Türkiye yazmışsınız? müdürünüze söyleyin değiştirsin T yi küçük 't' yapsin. bir anı The Turkey is not turkey! buda BÖYLE BİLİNE!


Why are so many poor animals eaten at duolingo? "The turkey sees the spider" has the same grammar and is not so sad. (And maybe an even better exercise, because one cannot guess subject and object from the meaning.)


When do I put "ğ" and when do I put "y" ? I mean when we put "örümcek" in the accusative form we add "ğ" ( örümceği ) but when we do the same thing for "fare" we add "y" ( fareyi ) !! Is that because the word örümcek ends with "k" and fare ends with "e" ?? I'm so confused !


RoaaGhobashy, yes, in Turkish a wovel can't be followed by an other wovel. So, you add the buffer "y" between the wovel of the word and the accusative case suffix - "y" is a consonnant- as in "fareyi", "elmayi", "suyu"... When a word ends with a "voiceless" consonant as "ç, k, t, p", they become a "voiced" consonant : "ç">"c" ("uç"=point" > "ucu"), "k">"ğ" (yemek> yemeği), "p">"b" (kitap> kitabı"), "t" > "d" in "dört"="four" > dördu". Have a look there, a short video in English about consonant alternations: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CB0qmPIvss8 or here, on Duolingo Turkish grammar portal: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/9040173. Enjoy it!


What the diffrent between örümceği and öramcek ?


In russian we call turkey like an "indian bird"


The hints mark örümceği as his/her spider, and not the spider.


It’s both; the -i ending can be either the accusative case marker (and since only definite nouns get marked for accusative case, it must be ‘the turkey’ as an object) or the possessive for ‘he, she, it’.

Kind of like how -s in English can be either ‘he, she, it’ for verbs or plural for nouns (‘lies’ can either be ‘he lies = he is telling untruths’ or the plural noun ‘untruths’).

You have to figure it out from context.


I am so confused about reading all the comments about why turkey is called hindi ?


Elephant is called FIL hhhhhhhh same as Arabic


When is it a Ğ instead of a Y to connect the accusative ending to the original noun?


When the noun ends in -k in the nominative, the accusative ends in -ği.

köpek: köpeği; örümcek: örümceği


kaplumbağa: kaplumbağayı; elma: elmayı; anne: anneyi (nominative ends in vowel)


How do you know if it's 'The' turkey? I keep making the same mistake.


Is (The) important to write in the beginning


Is (The) important to write in the beginning


"Turkey eats the spider" would be a translation of Türkiye örumceği yer, i.e. you're talking about the country, not about a bird.

In English, countable common nouns need a determiner before them in the singular, so you have to insert an article here: "The turkey eats the spider." to get the meaning of Hindi örümceği yer.


What is hindi?


This sounds kinda like French :)


Called "indian" (ινδιάνος) in Greek. Most popular name for the bird is "γάλος" or "γαλοπούλα" from venetian "galo" or latin "gallus". Also compare the greek name of France - "Γαλλία".


Why don't I hear the i in hindi when she pronounces it? I hear " hindorumdi yesj"


What is hindi why we call it hindi


I am really confused in hindi and turkey

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