March 25, 2015

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This was my last sentence that I translated in the Duolingo Swedish course. This was a long journey, but a very good one. I'm both happy and sad. Happy, because I started to learn a new language, and sad because this is the end of the course.


Oh it's just the beginning. The tree will be angry for a while, coloring 10 skills a day.... sometimes more..

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    What is the timeline for the new tree reveal?


    Only just punishment for not keeping your tree golden as you went...


    Nah, I keep my tree gold as I go.


    Well, thank you Duolingo, I am in the last lesson of Swedish.

    Now, the real question, what is the difference (in pronunciation) between the words "gratis" and "grattis"??


    "gratis" has a long "a" /ɑː/ and "grattis" has a short "a" /a/.


    I use the mnemonic that congratulation need 2 ts to celebrate, but free only needs one since it is already free. (A variation on the dessert vs desert. Who doesn't want more dessert?)


    Yay grattis till oss alla! We made it up to here i realized swedish is not that super duper hard and learning this is Fun!! Thanks doulingo! Vi ses igen ibland :)


    the last sentence..... ;-;


    Thanks a lot for this fun course and for the hundratal of very hepful comments by so many people. Grattis to DL Looking at the past lecture progress triangles I noticed however that so many are marked as empty or almost. So it will be useful to redo a few of the important ones such as adverbs etc before we are off to Sweden and can use or misuse our memorized knowledge on innocent Swedes ;) See you maybe in Stockholm on June 6 for a few schnapps


    The last sentence of the last course. Thank you for creating this course! You really made me happy!


    Tack så mycket!


    Gratis means - for free or for zero cost - in all romance languages. It is perfectly understadable that svenska would incorporate it to its vocabulary. But i can't understand where has svenska taken grattis from and why would it mean something like congratulations?


    From the verb 'gratulera' (to congratulate), compare Danish 'gratulere' and German 'gratulieren'. From Latin 'gratulor'. Also compare with English 'conGRATulations'.



    ‘Oh, don’t thank us just yet. EoE isn’t out yet.’


    Low blow! I confused this with gratis! XD


    Why does congratulation not work?


    It's idiomatic in English to use the plural.


    Grattis for getting till here!


    Grattis everyone! Those of us who have made it here are the survivors and it's been one hell of a journey. This is only the beginning of an even greater one! Many thanks to our course content moderators (contributors) for all the help and for putting up with us


    When i played world of warcraft in 2008 a swedish person said this to me but i thought he was trying sell me some kind of scam because this word sounds similar the the word for free in my language.


    Tack! Och tack så mycket för den här kursen! Ni rockar fett!

    Det tog mig tvåhundra dagar för att göra allt. Jag känner att mitt svenska är ganska bra nu och jag ska förbättra mitt svenska varje dag. Nästa mål - Swedex B2.


    Why is Happy Birthday spelled Gratis while Congratulations is Grattis? Aren't both congratulating something?


    They're both spelled grattis. The word gratis means "free", as in the opposite of having a cost.

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