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"Chaill an ollscoil m'iarratas."

Translation:The university lost my application.

March 25, 2015



I guess Pól should go back ti selling drugs.


Wait, I missed that lesson. :)


Why not "my university has lost ...."?


Firstly, yes this sentence could be translated using the present perfect (i.e. has lost). Here's a brief explanation of how to translate the Irish past tense.

"My university" would be incorrect here because the possessive m' is before iarratas, not ollscoil (so it's the university, and my application, not my university)


College is coláiste In Ireland; as in most non US, English speaking countries a college is not a university.


Thanks for the contribution, but I'll have to disagree there. While some secondary schools are colleges/colaistes, college can and does mean third-level as well.


It may mean third level here as well but you would not translate ollscoil as college nor coláiste as university. A college may be a part of a university but a university is never a part of a college. Trinity College is a University: its name is Coláiste na Tríonóide. Coláiste na hOllscoile Corcaigh is University College Cork. This might be confusing for an American but for someone in Ireland this should be straightforward.


Technically that is true, but then the universal colloquial way in Ireland of saying you're attending third level education is that you're going to college, so I wouldn't automatically call it straightforward.

Case in point: the infamous Twitter exchange between Leo and DCU during hurricane Ophelia shows that a fair few Irish people are also still confused ;).


But the sentence is not a generalised statement about attending a tertiary institution. A specific institution which has been referred to as ollscoil lost it

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