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  5. "Çocuklar gazete okur."

"Çocuklar gazete okur."

Translation:The children read newspapers.

March 25, 2015



I have a question again, so shouldn't the "newspapers" be gazeteler and " newspaper " gazete ; so the translation I wrote was the children read newspaper and got it wrong


that's wrong in English, you cannot use a countable singular object without a determiner. you could also say "a newspaper".

However in Turkish we do not use plural when we talk about general stuff as in here ("çocuklar gazeteler okur" is nonsense). Plurality does not always need to match, especially when the languages are so distant. We also don't say "three newspaperS", we say "üç gazete- three newspaper" for example. There are many other instances where Turkish uses singular but English uses plural


I did it too and got it wrong !!


This is my question too!


I could get behind animals not being human enough to merit a plural in the verb, but children are surely human, right? Is it really not "Cocuklar gazete okurler"?


duolingo still has shortcomings regarding grammatical explanation. İt is highly confusing where elmari is correct but gazetteler is wrong, okur and okurlar both are correct. This surely puts the morale down that we cannot learn a foreign language completely. İt always remains incomplete somewhere.


I have a questıon. Why is it not 'Çocuklar gazete okurlar' since the subject is third person plural?


Both are possible. The suffix -lAr in optional in all cases when the subject is stated. :)


Teşekkür ederim.


The question that let me alwys confused is that okur as far as i know that çocuklar :they and in this case the verb will be okurlar but here i noticed okur. Please if there in explication .....


Çocuklar mean children without the , and also gazete means newspaper not newspapers

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