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"Les grosses chiennes boivent l'eau."

Translation:The big dogs drink the water.

December 17, 2012



i wonder what would have happened if i said "the big bitches..." had no hearts left so i couldnt risk it


I put "The fat bitches drink water" and got it correct. I like to glean enjoyment out of this where I can.


Bitches love water...


If you're interested, a bitch is "une salope"


He meant a bitch as in a dog bitch(female dog) not a person


I put "the fat bitches are drinking water" and it accepted it hahahah


I did, had to start over :(


Actually I tried "The big bitches drink water" and it gave me credit


Hahha I heard Les grosses chiennes boivent l'eau. I put exactly that and I got it correct. XD


How can I tell if chien is in masculine or feminine form just by listening? Any other times "chien" was in masculine form --- "le chien". Does the adjective "big" change all subsequent nouns into its feminine form?


Chien and chienne sound different. Chien sounds like shee-ah and Chienne sounds like sheeyen. I know some of you francophones are going to correct me on that, but that's the way the two words sound to me. The point is - there is a major difference in the sound of the two words.


She says "grosses" with s. If it was chiens it should be gros chiens and the pronounciation would be without s. Thats how I figured it was feminine form


Ok, but what's the plural for gros? Isn't it grosse ?


Masculine singular = "gros"

Masculine plural = "gros"

Feminine sungular = "grosse"

Feminine plural = "grosses"


No, it is the other way around: the gender of the noun dictates the gender of the adjective.

Here the noun dog is in its feminine form chienne (you can hear the n-sound at the end which you cannot for the masculine form chien) which means that the adjective big has to take its feminine form grosse (masculine form is gros where the s is not pronounced) with its s-sound at the end.


Hey, "bitches" should be correct, too!


It is, isn't it?


why it's consequently 'boire l'eau' instead of 'boire de l'eau'? similar issue for 'boire l'alcool'. I have asked a friend who is native French and she says 'de' particle is a must. any idea?


I'm thinking it's because l'eau and l'alcool are contractions; je bois l'eau means 'I am drinking the water', so du is unnecessary. Same reason you say 'je boit le café' without needing the particle 'du'.


as far as I know for contractions there is also valid partitive pronoun - de l' I've been told by French friend that expression 'boire l'eau' is not correct, and partitive is rather obligatory when talking about uncountables such as substances.

Though I'd rather say 'je boit du cafe' in most real-life situations, I can understand 'je boit le cafe' in a meaning of drinking a concrete cup of coffee.

I'm not sure you could do same with water, and I'm not talking about hypothetical meaning/intention that we can imagine, but real-life use of a language - have you ever heard French saying such expression? if so - in what context?


why isn't it 'de l'eau'???


I also don't understand why not "de l'eau" ?


Because it is about specific water: the water - not some unspecific water (some) water.


I've read the comments and understand however in the plural form, to my anglais ear, both chiens and chiennes sound the same


Try pasting "chiens, chiennes, chiens, chiennes, chiens, chiennes" in Google Translate and then hit the "listen" icon. You will hear an unmistakable difference.


Thanks - good suggestion - have a lingot on me


No, they do not sound the same. Chien and chiens sound the same - only the article will tell if it is singular or plural. The same goes for chienne and chiennes.


OK you're right. I tried the suggestion from Ipacker and I have to say that on this occasion that 'I'm wro….wron….wrong!! (boy I hate saying that)


J'ai des difficultés en distingant "grosse" de "grosses" et "chienne" de son forme pluriel. Si quelqu'un sait comment distinguer cettes mots,aide moi,s'il lui plâit. Merci beaucoup!


Les formes singulier et plural masculins sont homophones et les formes singulier et plural féminins sont homophones. C'est l'article qui dit s'il y a singulier (le/la/l', un/une, du/de la/de l') ou plural (les, des) !


Why is "Les grosses chiennes boivent de l'eau." wrong, this was the correct grammar?


Not for the water. It is correct for (some) water. But in this case it is about tje specific water in ftont of them or the water mentioned earlier in the context.


How come it doesn't accept the word "huge" for grosses? It means the same as big or fat :/


It is too strong. Huge is bigger than big or fat.


the fat bitches are drinking water!


nice try! i sense an epic troll right here :)


Bitch=female dog. Long before it became a derogatory word. And it still means female dog in breeder's and veterinary practice.

So it is actually correct to translate the french word for female dog, chienne, into bitch without being rude. But you don't have to if it makes you uneasy.


I wrote "les grosses chiens", for me it sounds the same...


You will eventually pick up the difference: gros (masculine) is pronounced without the s, grosse/grosses (feminine) is pronounced with the s, chien/chiens (masculine) is pronounced without the s and with a nasal ending, chienne/chiennes is pronounced whith a n in the end and not nasal.


Should be ...chien/chiens id pronounced without the n ...


Grosses is female.


how could you tell it was chiennes and not chiens…i put Les grosses chiens boivent l'eau and that was wrong


I think "grosses" is feminine, anyway i put "les gros chiens boivent l'eau" and it was wrong.


When it is male i listen only like: le gro , and then i know it is male because i dont listen the s on the end. When i listen like : gross, i know its female. If its female, should be chiennes. And use a trick to know if its singular or plural, because if it would be singular, should be "La chienne" , if it is les chiennes, should be plural.


Yes, when you can hear s in gros/grosse/grosses it is the feminine grosse/grosses and when you can hear the n in chien/chienne/chiens/chiennes it is the feminine chienne/chiennes.


What is the difference between "gross" and "grand"??


Gross is big width, grand is big height.


Ok...if it is correct to say ' DE jeunes filles lisent des livres.' then why is it correct to say 'LES grosses chiennes boivent l'eau.' instead of 'LA grosses chiennes?' I thought the article remained singular if there was an adjective in between the article and noun?


No, both article and adjective accord both to gender amd number.


it is not question of singular/plural here, but "des" changed to "de". It is obviously plural here in both cases, but "When the plural indefinite or partitive article is used with an adjective that precedes a noun, des changes to de." (about.com). I hope that this answers your question.


I wrote "The big bitches drink the water" and duo recognized it as correct.


Yes, because it is a correct way of translating this sentence.


i put 'huge' instead of 'big', is there another word for huge?


Isn't it "boivent du l'eau"? or "boivent de l'eau"?


The English sentence is they drink "the" water. So we use the definite article in French - for a feminine noun that would normally be "la" but in this case the noun "eau" begins with a vowel so "la+eau" is contracted to "l'eau"

If it had been "some" water then the French sentence would have used the partitive article. In the case of a feminine noun that is "de la".

However because "eau" starts with a vowel "de+la" contracted to "de l'eau"

It would never be "du l'eau"


Is it just me or the audio got a lot more worst and robotic than the first lessons?


it was very difficult to discern the use of the feminine terms as opposed to the masculine


It's almost impossible to hear the difference between chiens and chiennes


When you can hear a n-sound you know it is the feminine version chienne or chiennes.


this time I put female dog because the last time I was penalized for not specifying yet now it seems just dogs would be accepted. Confusing.


"The fat bitches drink water"


hahaha the big bitches worked!


I don't under stand why it couldn't be male dogs? I put chiens instead of chiennes


I would think that "grosses" meant fat not big


The audio on this one is exceptionally mechanical-sounding, not at all natural. :-(


This so has to be "the fat bitches drink water". Checked Collins and there it was CHIENNE IS BITCH NOT DOG!


The big bitches drink water


Why is it not "Les grosses chiennes boivent de l'eau/"

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