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Japanese Lesson 15: Food Part 4


Tomato: Tomato: トマト

Strawberry: Ichigo: いちご: 苺

Lemon: Remon: レモン

Food: Tabemono: たべもの: 食べ物 !!☆!!

Oil: Abura: あぶら: 油

Dinner: Yuushoku: ゆうしょく: 夕食
- Bangohan: ばんごはん: 晩御飯 (get this! Bangohan IS accepted as an answer!)

!!☆!! Just something cool you've probably already noticed. The word for food 「食べ物」 is comprised of the verb "eat" (Taberu) 「食べる」 and the word "thing" (mono) 「物」. So food is "eat thing".


He eats the dinner.
Kare wa bangohan o tabemasu.
かれ は ばんごはん を たべます。

It is the food.
Tabemono desu.
たべもの です。

GRAMMAR POINT: This sentence may look a little strange to you, or may feel like it's missing something, because it translates to "is food". Like "the" and "a" Japanese doesn't have the word "it".

... I would personally use "Are" but we'll go over those terms and how to use them later... and I'm not sure duolingo would accept "are" anyway.

The girl eats a tomato.
Onnanoko wa tomato o tabemasu.
おんなのこ は トマト を たべます。

We eat the food.
Watashi tachi wa tabemono o tabemasu.
わたし たち は たべもの を たべます。

He has a strawberry.
Kare wa ichigo o motteimasu.
かれ は いちご を もっています。

Bread and oil.
Pan to abura.
パン と あぶら パンと油

They eat a lemon.
Karera wa remon o tabemasu.
かれら は レモン を たべます。

:) Thank you all for reading!

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March 25, 2015



Have you applied to create a course in the incubator? It would be great to have all this in an easy learning platform!


Yeah Demon-Kiyomi it would be up and running faster if you helped! (。・ω・)ノ゙


Yes. I applied. :3 I applied before I started any of the courses I think.


No man, thank you!


any idea if and when japanese is coming to duolingo?

'arigato' in advance...


Not sure. Probably when the Japanese team finishes the English for Japanese course... but even then it might be a little while. :/


I am studying your course since there is no Japanese for English speakers -- even that I am not so good, I just can understand well and lack some especifics vocabulary. I must say I am really enjoying it, I already had most of your beginning lessons, but it was still useful, you teached somethings that I couldn't find by myself or cleared (I don't know if I can use this word) some doubts. Thank you. :)


^_^ I'm glad my lessons have helped you out!


夜ごはん-よるごはん 晩飯-ばんめし  (お)夕飯-(お)ゆうはん 夕飯-ゆうめし 


夜食-やしょく-Bedtime Snack?←夜中に食べる軽食

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