"She hunts every fall."

Translation:Hon jagar varje höst.

March 25, 2015

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Knowing that Jägermeister means "Master Hunter" in German makes jagar easy to remember


Haha, yes indeed! :)

And the Swedish cognate jägmästare is a person with a degree in forest science, although nowadays it's more closely related to economy and ecology rather than actually being a park ranger, which Wikipedia thinks it is.


But is there a real profession in Sweden similar to park ranger? And do they need to graduate a university or colledge?


Excellent question! We have naturvårdare and naturbevakare, where the former isn't quite as hands on as the latter any longer. You're still outside a lot either way, of course. There is also rangerprogrammet here in Gothenburg, which is a three-year bachelor with an optional two-year master. The subject is naturvårdsbiologi - literally "nature care biology". There might be similar programmes elsewhere, too, but I only know very little about this.


Thank you! Risking to seem annoying, I dare ask you one more thing: who is naturvårdsvakt, what is his duty? (It is not easy to understand the numerous Swedish professions who deal with forests.)


Oh yeah, that's another profession that corresponds to some of the park ranger's duties. Essentially the job is to patrol a designated area of nature and enforce the law - tell people to move from places where they're not allowed, call in the police for crimes, confiscate illegal hunting equipment, and so on.

Also, don't worry about being annoying. We all enjoy helping out in the forums, and you mostly ask about specific words that nobody else brings up. It's a nice change from the "what does 'sin' mean" questions. :)


My mnemonic of choice is 'Sie sind die Essen und wir sind die Jäger!'


In Russia german word jäger used for military profession sniper specialist or sharpshooter in 19th century. Young and experienced hunters were mobilized for that purposes.


What are the hunting laws in Sweden? We don't do a lot of hunting anymore in England so it would be interesting to hear how things are in Sweden.


I'm not that well versed in it, but the Swedish hunters association has an info page in English which you might find useful here: https://jagareforbundet.se/jakt/hunting-in-sweden/


Easy to remember :a jaguar, animal or car, without "u"....

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