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  5. "Den längsta natten"

"Den längsta natten"

Translation:The longest night

March 25, 2015



And with The Long Night come The Others


Does Swedish has one more exaggeration word as in "The longest night ever" to make it even stronger?


"någonsin" would be "ever" in that case! Den längsta natten någonsin.


I read that natt refers more to when you are asleep and kväll is more the concept of night, is that correct or is there more to it?


No, that's right. Natt is the nighttime, kväll is the late day/early night time.


Can you give approximate timeframes for this? I freelance as a software developer for a living, and the most peace and quiet I get to work is in the middle of the night when everyone else is asleep, so I generally sleep from ~7 AM to ~3 or 4 PM. Would that timeframe be "natt" for me, or would it just be when the sun is down?


hi. I am lost about the difference between läng- and lång-. help?


The adjective: lång, längre, längst = 'long, longer, longest' or 'tall, taller, tallest'
The adverb länge = 'for a long time' (has the same comparative & superlative degrees).
längesedan = 'long ago'
långsam = 'slow'
Those are the ones I can think of right now.


Why not "den längste natten"?

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