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  5. "Onun ofisi ikinci katta."

"Onun ofisi ikinci katta."

Translation:His office is on the second floor.

March 25, 2015



Does Turkish refer to floors in the British style: Ground Floor (birinci kat), First Floor (ikinci kat), etc. or in the American style: First Floor (birinci kat), Second Floor (ikinci kat), etc.? Yardımlarınız için şimdiden teşekkür ederim! :)


We take after the British way rather than the American way.

On an elevator, ground floors can be marked two ways. Either "0" or "Z" which stands for "Zemin-Ground" floor. However if you live on the ground floor of a building, you wouldn't refer to it as "0. Kat", you'd either say "giriş kat-entrance floor" or "zemin kat-ground floor".

I certainly had no clue about this back when I first moved to America so it's a great question to ask! :)


Have you ever noticed that in the U.S., there is usually no 13th floor? Amerika'da, on üçüncü kat yok. Çünkü sayı 13 şanssız. [In America, there is no thirteenth floor. Because the number 13 is unlucky.] At least, I tried to write this in Turkish!


"Çünkü 13 sayısı (or rakamı) uğursuz". :) Just a little friendly correction. We don't say "sayı 13, sayı 1" etc. like in English and many other languages. Also "şanssız" is used for unfortunate people or maybe animals.. For things and people who bring bad luck, we use "uğursuz".


Hello Engin

Thank you for your amazing answer.

^ & a lingot.


Thanks so much! :)


Why " his office on the second floor " is wrong


because there is not "is" in your sentence. His office IS on the second floor.


Why do they mark "his office is at the second floor" wrong

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