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  5. "Siz gazete okursunuz."

"Siz gazete okursunuz."

Translation:You read newspapers.

March 25, 2015



"You read the newspaper" not correct?


then it should have been "Siz gazeteyi okursunuz"


I would say it depends on the context.

  • You read the newspaper that was lying on the table


  • You read the newspaper every day

are quite different. In the second sentence there is nothing specific I think ( more like a hobby), so that could be translated with the nominative "gazete". I think "newspaper" works differently than e.g. the word "book", where "you read the book every day" would mean it is always the same book.


Why "You read newspaperS"? It doesn't say "gazeteler"


Because "You read newspaper" is not a valid English sentence.


I think it's because it's in the nominative form. It's as if you're saying " you read newspapers (in general)". In this case it can be either plural or singular


English uses the plural for these general statements, like "I read books", "I like apples". Turkish uses the singular for the same.


In this specific sentence, "You read the newspaper" or "You read the paper" would definitely work. The word "the" in this particular English sentence does not signify a definite article, as in "I read the book." The object "newspaper" in this case can be interpreted as more abstract and therefore can be seen as a generalization. Therefore, I believe "You read the newspaper" should be an acceptable translation for "Sen/siz gazete okursun(uz)."


Why it is said "siz okursunuz" but not "siz okursiniz"?


MinaOavami, "okursiniz" is not correct because the personal marks of a verb follows the four way wovel harmony. When you don't understand something you can go on Duolingo Turkish Grammar Portal for some topics. For four ways wovel harmony topic go there: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/9041808 or look for websites on the topic as here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_FFQQAB2ds4, a video in English, very clear. But the best way to understand all the topics is to read all the comments for each new sentence, whatever the topic. I do that since the beginning, taking notes in a notebook: very effective.


why isn't you read the newspaper accepted


friendswithagem, "gazete okursunuz"="we read a newspaper" or "we read newspapers", both indefinite direct object at nominative case. When "newspaper or newspapers" are definite direct oject , you use the accusative case suffix "-I" and "-larI" > "gazetey-I=the newspaper" and "gazete-ler-I= the newspapers".


"Siz gazete okursunuz." Translation: You read newspapers.


"You read a newspaper"

Accepted as another correct English answer by Duo.


firstly i read "Gazete okursunuz" = you read A newspaper in a second time i read "Siz gazete okursunz"= you read newspapers Does "Siz" means the plural?


"Siz gazete okursunuz." Translation: You read newspapers.

Hello Mariane

Siz is "you" & the polite Turkish for "you." It can also mean more than one person. Grammatically it is 3rd person plural in Turkish which makes it a bit confusing.


"Siz gazete okursunuz." Translation: You read newspapers.

"Sen gazete okursun." - You read newspapers.

"You read a newspaper" was accepted as a correct answer.

The 3 examples are all correct.


Today my question makes me smile!!! Nevertheless i read you more precisely and i'm surprised that you translate "sen gazete okursunuz" by "you read a newspaper". Why not "sen bir gazete okursunuz"? Is bir always optional? Nice time to you, Hilmi.


Hello Mariane.

"Siz gazete okursunuz." Translation: You read newspapers.

Let's focus on this topic question in Turkish.

No "bir" in the question? "Gazete" - singular or plural? DL accepts both in the English translation answer. "You read newspaper" is simply wrong in English. So you say "a" newspaper or make newspaper plural - newspapers.

Why? - The Turkish question: "Gazete" the root word - nominative case. No suffixes, attachments or plural ending. The indefinite, direct object in the nominative case always goes immediately before the verb.

Please read all the topic comments posted as there is an abundance of information. I feel like a stuck record on auto repeat. You're worth it as always & I will repeat any answer until it is second nature with you.


Thanks for making me laugh, i did need it. Did i ask that before? I don't remember.......too busy days. Excuse me if it is so. Thank you for your patience.


Why gazete here is plural When I answer You read newspaper It say wrong and make it You read newspapers


Hello Salsabil

Even in English you need a determiner or article.

You read "a" newspaper or You read newspapers would have been accepted by Duo.

"Siz gazete okursunuz." - The Turkish question: The indefinite, direct object in the nominative case (gazete) always goes immediately before the verb.

Duo will accept newspaper "-s" (plural) & newspaper (singular) with an "a."

Kind regards.


When you repeat yourself, you leaen to never forget. Tebrik ederim



Turkish - English.
Ben gazete okurum. I read newspapers or I read a newspaper.

Ben gazeteyi okurum. I read the newspaper.

Ben bir gazete okurum. I read a newspaper or I read one newspaper.

The extract is tips & notes (accusative) case topic DL.

Please read the accusative case topic tips & notes on DL.

Topic #5. Topic number 5 on the learning tree.


Anna, Hilmi in several comments above and below gives us clear explanations. Please, do read them. Thanks.



Thank you for your support.

A^ & lingot.


Selamün aleyküm cümleden vay Türkçe mi öğrenirsiniz.


what is the difference between siz and sen


Why it is not newspaper? Without s ?


Gazete = newspaper !! Not newspapers.

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