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"Eu acho que ela pegava este ônibus."

Translation:I think that she took this bus.

September 2, 2013



"I think she used to get this bus" is marked as incorrect but "I think that she used to catch this bus" is fine. Using get is incorrect?


"I think she used to catch this bus." is accepted.


'Used to get this bus' seems fine to me and more usual than 'catch' but both should be correct. Duo marks 'get' wrong.


why not "i think that she WAS TAKING this bus" ? I thought it was a lesson about past imperfect... ?


That would be, acho que ela estava pegando este ônibus.


"I think she took this bus" is "Eu acho que ela pegou esse ônibus". "Pegava" is something she was used to do.


"Used to" is one option. The simple past is, however, the "go-to" tense to describe repetitive and habitual actions as well as activities that occur over long periods of time. It is the most flexible past tense in English.

Eu acho que ela pegava este ônibus [quando era estudante].

I think that she took this bus [when she was a student].


this answer was marked correct: i think that she used to catch this bus.

Do you need any more proof that an algorithm marks these things? That sentence is far from equivalent to the standard answer!


"That"= "que".


And the translation should be "eu acho que ela PEGOU este ônibus"


I think that she would take this bus???

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