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"We eat in the restaurant in the square."

Translation:Ithimid sa bhialann sa chearnóg.

March 25, 2015



Does sa cause the eclipsis of bialann?


i, prep. (Pron. forms:ionam, ionat, ann m, inti f, ionainn, ionaibh, iontu)(Eclipses; becomes in before vowels, bhur, dhá, and titles (of books, etc.); combines (i) with singular article an to form sa before consonant, and san before vowel or f followed by vowel, (ii) with plural article na to form sna, (iii) with possessive adjectives a, ár, to form ina, inár, (iv) with relative particles a, ar, to form ina, inar. Sa lenites consonants b, c, g, m, p, and prefixes t to initial s of feminine noun; san lenites *f*)

(Except in Connacht Irish, where sa eclipses).

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