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"We eat in the restaurant in the square."

Translation:Ithimid sa bhialann sa chearnóg.

March 25, 2015



Could someone explain to me how a restaurant can be in a square, I thought a square was an open space in a town or city? So at the square would make more sense wouldn't it?

March 25, 2015


Perhaps it’s an open-air restaurant in the square, only operating during the summer? (In English, I’d tend to use “on the square” in the sense of “on the other side of one of the square’s boundary streets”.)

March 25, 2015


A rare enough occurance in Ireland.

August 12, 2015


To me a square includes the shops surrounding it, I have heard 'in the Square' used a lot, but don't really here 'at the Square'.

November 25, 2018


In case anyone else was wondering why there's eclipsis rather than lenition here: 'sa' = 'i' + the def. art. 'an'.

"without an article: eclipsis [...]

with the SINGULAR article: lenition" in standard Irish, but otherwise in particular regions, eg eclipsis in Connacht (nualeargais.ie).

Does that imply that PLURAL 'sna' doesn't trigger anything, neither eclipsis, nor lenition?

September 8, 2019
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